I was alone, then you came <3

This story is about a girl who doesn't have friends, who sit in the back corner in every class, who never had a boyfriend. But a new kid named Niall changed her life.


9. Chapter Nine.


"Niall come on, let's go home now..." 


We held hands and made our way to my place.

"Hey Aunt Sue" 

"Hey hun...Oh Hey Niall."

"Hey Sue." he responds with a little giggle.

We run upstair and crash onto my bed. 

"Eliane?" He says


"Want to watch a movie?"


"What do you want to watch?"

"mhhmmm WHITE CHICKS!"


I giggle and put the dvd in. We lay down next to each other.

We were around half way through the movie and I couldn't stop laughing.

As i was laughing Niall decides to shut me up by slamming a pillow on my face.

"AW HELL NAW! GAME'S ON!" I say with slamming the pillow as hard as i could.

We kept having the pillow fight for a while.

"OK, OK, you win! Man you're good." He says with a wink as I giggle

We laid in bed next to each other in silence... I was so bored.. so I decide to grab the pillow, put my legs each side of Niall and start hit him with the pillow

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" he says trying to act upset

"I don't know....got bored? " I start to laugh. I stopped laughing and now were sitting in silence. 

My legs were still each side of Niall and we were just staring into each others  eyes.



We were sitting in silence, staring into each others eyes. Man, every time I look into her eyes I melt. I want to kiss her so bad...But does she want to kiss me? Is this a good timing? Should I do it ?

I lean in and she did the same, without losing eye contact I close my eyes as out lips touch, her lips taste like strawberries and all I can see is Sparks and Fireworks. I finally kissed my princess.

Our kiss lasted for a while and then we broke apart. I looked into her eyes and smiled. she's amazing. 


We kissed and all I see is Sparks and Fireworks everywhere! We broke apart and he sent me a smile. 

"Wow he is such a good kisser!" I accidentally say aloud. SHIT I cover my mouth with my hand

He giggled and started to blush. I started to blush .

"You're not to bad yourself " he winks sending shiffers down my spine 

"No, don't blush! you're my princess!" He says 

" Ok handsome, whatever you say" I say winking. He blushes

"No! don't blush! you're my prince " I mock him

We both started to laugh.

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