I was alone, then you came <3

This story is about a girl who doesn't have friends, who sit in the back corner in every class, who never had a boyfriend. But a new kid named Niall changed her life.


7. A day with my NiNi.


We heard a teacher tell us to go to class. But we decided to leave the school grounds and go to the park. When we arrived at the park, I ran for the monkey bars and started climbing across. Niall went onto the swing and started to go really high up. 


"Niall, you're going to break the swing!" I yelled while dangling from the monkey bars.

"NOO i won't..... Ok fine I'm getting off. " He says while giving me a grin. 

As I was turning around to climb back I felt someone grab my two legs and carry me. 

I was screaming my lungs out until the person finally put me down and opened my eyes.

"OH MY GOSH! NIALL! I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK !" I say while punching his shoulders. 

He kept on laughing and trying to stop. 

"Niall, this isn't funny!" I yell trying not to laugh with him. 

Niall kept on laughing, now he was on the floor laughing. I started to laugh as well.

"Gosh, you're the most dumbest kid on earth." I say in between laughs.

He was still on the ground and I wanted to go the swing. As i pasted him he tripped and I landed on top of him. 

"Why hello there" He says jokingly. 

"Hello.....Now good bye." I say giving him a little wink and took my self off him. 

I went on to the swing and started to yell.

"NIALL! COME AND PUSH ME.....please? " I say giving him puppy dog eyes.

"Hmmmm, Nah I'm alright." He says grinning. 

"You have 3 seconds to run... 3...." I said and ran after him.

We ran and ran until we entered a dark ally way . We kept on running until he tripped onto an old mattress. 

"Karmas a bitch" I said why dying of laughter.

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