A Thousand Years After

Sapphire has trusted her father Klaus and has now found out he didn't kill her mother Zenia. But now she's determined to find out who did.
Is Sapphire and Stefan a thing?
Will Sapphire get with Damon?
Or is there another?
second book to A Thousand Years

Twilight/true blood/ the vampire diaries fan fiction


2. Fiancée?

The back-door opens.
" Klaus I brought that Necklace you asked for " he walks around the door "Sapphire , out of all the places this is the least likely place I thought I would ever find you " Damon leans in the door frame and hands Klaus a silver box that is wrapped shut with Sapphire roses.  

" I tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. I was always able to open anything of Sapphires "

Damon looks up at me. 
Klaus hands the box to me I turn it in my hands to look for a key hole but finds a cryptex. I spin the letters around and the one by one click into place. 
The letters turn into a spell iv seen before.


I cast the charm and the sliver roses unwrap them selves from around the box. Klaus's eyes are glue to the box watching the roses unwrap from the box. 

I open the lid to find a necklace and what looks like my wand with a little letter. 
I put the box down and take out the contents. 

Dear Mr K Mikealson , I am aware off the death of your daughter and I'm sorry for your loss. Sapphire gave me these to look after ,and I know when you read this I no longer will be able to. I will be dead by time you read this. 
Armando Dippet. headmaster of Hogwarts of witch craft and wizardry. 


"Why is it addressed to me?" Klaus asks and I shrug. 

"Do you want anything else Klaus? I want to go I don't feel comfortable with my ex fiancée  and my new fiancée  in the same room. " Damon snaps and I growl at him. 

' I have a lover Damon '. 

" No actually Damon I want you to remain here till I get back." Klaus vanishes from the room and Elena steps out from behind Damon to look at me. 

I growl and walk back to my room. 
"fiancée ? " He asks and I jump at his voice. 

' Don't do that to me Eric I mean it '. 

" I owe you and wanted to offer you my services. "

' What do you mean by that? '. 

" “Damon I have a lover” I see you have no lover and I offer myself to you your majesty ". Eric bows. 

I smile thinking of the possibility. 
' I like the sound of that '. 

" I do to " Erics Fangs drawout where he is turned on and it gives him an accent.

'Come time to piss off my ex' he puts his arm around my waist and I hiss. 

" I'm your lover we have to be close "he informs me. 

I smile as him we walk down the stairs,  Eric spins me up into his arms making me giggle and squeal and he places me on the kitchen counter. 

"What would you like my Lover? " Eric asks. 

' I can think of a few things ' I say and I hear Erics breath catch in the back of his throat and his fangs drawout again. 
I wrap my arms his neck and kiss him smiling to myself as I search for Damons reaction.  He's furious , absolutely Furious and full of hate.   

" I have to go babe,  I'll be back soon " he kisses me and disappears.  


I walk into the living room to find a book completely ignoring Damon who is sitting next Elena. 

"Your doing it on purpose you don't love him " Damon snarls. 

' Love? You are not aloud to use that word , you wouldn't know what love is event if it hit you in the face '. I snarl back. 

"What do you mean by that? " He steps closer. 

'Its not like my doppleganger loves you she's still in love with your brother. ' I smile and he pounces at me. 

He catches me of guard and its enough to make me stumble backwards, I catch his hand and flip him over so I am straddling him.  
I know he still wants me so I lean down and whisper seductively in his ear.

' I love him and if you touch him I'm going to kill you. Slowly. '

I stand up my music book. Why does Klaus have this?   .


" I brought you a gift " Erics voice makes me jump. I note Damons on the sofa with Elena in his lap. 

' What have you brought me? ' I raise my eyebrows surprised. 
He kisses my cheek and pulls out a little black velvet bag from his pocket. 

" Hands out. " He smiles at me and I follow his order. 
He tips out the little velvet bag into my hand. 
I examine the chain with a single diamond on the pendant its so simple but its so beautiful. I smile like the Cheshire cat as the diamond catches the light. 

'Oww Eric its beautiful ' he leans down at kisses me. 
Eric is a viking vampire prince blonde and 6 foot 4 for a vampire he's very tall. 

" May I ? " He asks , I hand him the chain and turn around so he can do up the catch. 

I fold my arms around his neck I am on the very tip of my toes  . He smiles and wraps his arms around me , he slides his arms down under my bum so he's supporting me.  

He leans down and kiss my neck.
"Can I bite? " He whisper so only I can hear. 

' Yes ' my voice is breathy with wanting. 

He trails little nips down my neck leaving me wanting.  He kisses my neck and then he bites, the little sting sends shivers down my spine. 

Somebody clears there throat and Eric takes his fangs out licks the wound and wraps his arm around my waist. 

Damon is watching the fury is burning in his eyes. 

' What? ' I snap. 

" I was wondering if I could borrow a blood bag" he examines Eric " for Elena of course ".

' Sure but next time I don't want you interfering , you be a gentleman and wait with Elena.  Go.  ' I wave my hand and he scurrys out of the room. 

" Sorry I got blood on your shirt " Eric gives me a shy smile.  

' Leave it there it proves that your mine. ' I smile and kiss his cheek. ' Thank you again for the beautiful gift'. 

He takes my hand and walks into the living room with me. 

Klaus looks up at me. 
anything I need to know? He thought directed at me.  

This is my "lover" Eric Northman and I'm completely and utterly smitten. I think back to him. 

He laughs and Elena frowns confused. 
" There's blood on your shirt " NiKlaus notes. 
I touch the spot of blood on my collar,
' so there is '. 

" Good evening Eric its nice to see you again will you be staying in Sapphires room with her again tonight ? " Nik asks Eric. 

Oww my father NiKlaus Mikealson playing along with my little game. 

" Yes sir I thank you for your hospitality ". Eric smiles at Nik. 

"Please call me Nik and its the least I can do after all you are sharing my daughters bed. ". 

I think I blush scarlet.  I look down and then at Damon who is biting his lip to stop his self from growling. 

" That is very kind of you Nik. " Eric kissed my cheek and run his fingers through my silky thick curls.  

I note Damon wants to do the same. 
Damon kisses Elena and she pushes him away folds her arms and sulks.  

I smirk into Erics chest and breath in his wonderful sent.  
Erics phone rings. 

"Pam " he snaps, ". Where? . I'm on my way ". 

I look up at him and raise my eyebrows in a what's going on way. 

" The bar was robbed by weres I have to go sort it out deal with things but I will be back ". 

' Anything you want me to do , about the weres ? ' I ask in a innocent tone. 

" I know you want to do something very evil to them. " He touches my nose with his index finger. 

' You know me to well my lover ' I smile at him. 

Eric pauses and after a moment he kisses my cheek. 

" You give them hell rip there heads of for me ". 
He and I stand. 

" Sapphire? " Nik asks. 

' Yes' I flutter my eyelids at him and he sighs.  

" Clean up when your finished , please ". 

' Of course ' I kiss Niks and walk to the door with Eric. 
' Goodbye Arsehole ' I call to Damon , I hear Nik laugh as I shut the door. 


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