Love Never Fails

Forever is a long time, but i wouldn't mind to spending it with Niall.


1. How we met

It was summer break. 
Nothing to do, so boring. I decided to shopping. 

I was just get out from zara then someone hit me


I fell down, it was so hurt, i felt my right knee was bleeding.

"I'm so sorry!" someone said with his Irish accent. I turned around, he has a cute face with his blonde hair. 

"Uh yeah" i tried to move my knee and "aw" it was hurt. 

"Oh my god, i'm so sorry i will take you to the hospital" he said.

"No it's okay it's not a serious injury anyway" i smiled. 

"At least let me take care of it" he bit his lips.

I sighed, "okay" then he helped me to stand and he drove me to his house. 

"Anyway i'm Niall, i'm 19"
"I'm Liz, 17" i smiled. 


"Aaand done" 

"Thank you Niall"

"No, its ok it was my fault"

"No it wasn't it was an accident, Niall"

He put his hand on my cheek and made an eye contact with me, "look it's my fault okay?" He whispered with his soft voice.

I smiled. 

I stood up, "well i guess i'm going home now" i took my bag

"Let me drive you home" Niall said and took his car key.

"No, Niall it's okay" and aw i felt my knee was week, i was going to fall then Niall caught me.

"See? You want to go home walking with that week knee?" he smirked. 

"Okay okay"

"And here we are" i said, "thank you so much Niall" i was going to get out of the car and he grabbed my wrist.

"Wait, can i borrow your phone?"

"Uhm? yes?" I gave him my phone. He typed a number and saved it with the name "Niall" on it. He missed call that number. 

"Call me if something's happen" he smiled and gave me back my phone, i smiled, he kissed my cheek. 

"Bye" i waved, he waved back and he drove back to his house. 

Thank you guys for reading!
It's my very first movella, sorry if it's boring! And sorry if my english bad!

Wait for the next chapter, will post it asap :)x

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