She Taught Me How To Love

"If anyone asked me what impact Leigh had on my life, I could easily tell them. She taught me how to love." After four long years of a highly successful career, news of his childhood sweetheart sends international pop sensation Harry Styles into a whirlwind of emotions he believed had been forgotten all those years ago. As he struggles to become the person she always believed he could be, he learns once more that it is possible to love with the entirety of his heart.
©Ohhipstaplease 2014


14. If It's Meant To Be...


If It's Meant To Be...


Alright. I had known then that yes, I did indeed fancy Edie. But it was so complicated. Beyond complicated.

I still did not believe myself capable of being in any sort of relationship. From the court case to leaving in three weeks, I don't believe my life has any room for anything else that could possibly induce stress.

But I knew that was a bloody pathetic excuse. 

I was scared to admit that even though I didn't mention her, even though her name didn't always cross my lips, she was still in my life. Leigh was present every time I looked at Emma. She was present when I saw a grassy hill, or the clear sky.  It was not as if I could forget Leigh.

I could never forget Leigh. I could never stop loving Leigh. So how could I possibly love anyone else?

But then I look at Emma and think ‘If this i could love this little girl unconditionally, then why can’t I love anyone else?’.


“Emma? Baby? Nap time?”


I sighed loudly as I, once again, tried to  convince Emma to take a nap. She isn’t a fussy baby, I mean, not particularly. But if it has to do with naps or bedtimes, it’s almost impossible to get her to bed unless she’s passing out.

“Do you wanna have nap time in my bed?”

“Daddy too”

“Ah, negotiator are we?”

“Daddy too” She repeats handing me her rag doll. I look at the clock and shrug. Rehearsals were over for the day, and the paperwork left for court was almost complete. The whole ordeal wasn't for another four days anyways, it could wait. 

“Alright, daddy too”  Emma smiles widely as I pick her up and carry her to my room. I lay her upon the bed and snuggle in next to her. “Ems, let’s have a heart to heart”

“Okay” She says as she moves the arms on her rag doll

I chuckle to myself, sighing as I realize it has come to the point where I have to talk to my three year old daughter about my frustrations “You love mommy very much right?”


“You know I love her very much too”


“Do you think it’s too soon to love someone else? I mean Emma, I know you’re not old enough to understand this, but...but life is complicated, love. I never thought that I would be without your mother. But I’m living it every bloody day. I never thought I could love again after losing her. But here I am. Thinking about this girl that I could possibly...” I turn my head slightly and see that Emma has fallen asleep, "love" I whisper finally. Smiling to myself I sigh and close my eyes. One day at a time, I just had to take things one day at a time.


"So, did you want to meet one last time before the case?"

I smile into the phone like a bloody fool before finally responding, "Only if you have time."

"I can make some time. How about your house, I won't be able to come until a bit after the shop closes. I'm sorry to impose."

"You're not imposing, just send me a text before you head over."

"No problem, see you later."


I hang up my phone and look up to see Niall and Louis smirking at me. 

"You're smiling." Louis says as he looks upon my face. 

"I am not." 

"You are." Niall says laughingly. "You looked like a bloody idiot when you realized it was her on the phone. Harry, you fancy this girl, ay?"

I said nothing, only to not egg them on. 

"So it's serious." Louis says crossing his arms and looking straight at me. "Didn't I give you some sound advice?"


"And what do you plan to do with it?"

I mutter inaudibly and Louis simply keeps staring at me. "Follow it."

"Thank you."

"Wait, what advice did you give him?" Niall says eyeing us both with a furrowed brow. 

"To not date the most important person working on his case."

"I'm not going to date her."

"But you fancy her!" Niall interjects.

"So? Just a crush, mate. I have to keep focus."

"That's my boy." Louis says smilingly. "Trust me. If it's meant to be"

"It'll happen" Niall and I say whilst rolling our eyes. 

"Alright, yes. It'll happen. Now, when are you meeting with her again?"


"And there's four days til we go to court, correct?"


"Well, if all ends well and if you're serious about this girl, maybe you should say something after the case is closed."

"I...don't know."

"Harry, we can all see how happy you are, just say something."

"We're leaving in three weeks."

"If it's meant to be..." He starts again, knowing I would finish his sentence.

"It'll happen." I mutter, knowing that Louis was right. 
"Now then. I suppose it's time we finish finalizing everything for Monday?"

"I'll make sure Emma's entertained." Niall says smilingly heading into my living room. 

"Hey, I thought you came to help me?"

"I am, by entertaining Emma." 

"Smartass." I mutter as I sit down with Louis, faced with folders and legal documents. 

"Alright, let's finish this up."


I nervously pace the kitchen, waiting for the ding of my phone announcing Edie's arrival. With Emma already asleep, I found myself bored and anxious. As I started flipping through a novel my sister had lent me a while back, my phone finally goes off. 

I get up to answer the door, and find Edie, in business attire, standing on my front porch. 


"Hi." I look at her from head to toe, her hair was curled today and her cheeks extra rosy. 

She looks at me with her brow furrowed, "May I come in? It's freezing."

"Oh yeah, come in." Stupid. I was so stupid. 

She immediately comes in and takes off her boots, takes out her folder, and proceeds to sit on what she claimed as her perch in my kitchen. 

"You've been acting off, is something the matter?" she says without looking up. 


"Right. Well. Everything is finished, all that I could humanly do anyways. Everything else I will leave to fate."

"Oh, is that it?"

"Yes. I just came to hand you these. You have to hand them in first thing before you go into the court."


We both stare at each other awkwardly until she finally speaks, "Look, I know you're super stressed so I figured we can hang out. But you've been acting much too weird lately. And I know there is a lot on your shoulders right now, but , I thought we were friends."

"We are friends. Right?"

She laughs, "Yes. So why don't you tell me what's had you acting like you can't form a sentence in that brain of yours."

Should I? "Um...well."


"How about a cuppa?"

"Want me to help, you might burn yourself with that scattered brain of yours."

"Alright, you get the kettle started."

She goes off and reaches into the coverts to find the kettle as I go off into the pantry to get the tea bags. I stay in a few seconds longer and take a few deep breathes trying to compose myself. 


She's at the door leaning against the frame. She steps in closer as she sees the different kinds of tea I have hidden. 

"Wow, that's quite a collection."

"I like tea." 

She so close to me, I drop the box in my hand from sheer nervousness. 

I bend down, without noticing she bent down as well. And I stupidly hit her head when I get up once more. 

"Ouch!" She says leaning against a shelf. 

"Let me see." I say without thinking. 

Her breath stops as I come in close, my heart beats faster as I trace the slight bump that had already started to form on her pale skin. As I lean in closer she closes her eyes, and without thinking I laid my lips against hers. 

My arms went around her waist, and her hands were in my hair. It lasted mere seconds before she pulled away looking at me astonished. 

"I'm sorry." I whisper running a hand through my curls. 

"Um, well, I guess that's why you were acting so strange."


The kettle goes off making us both jump and then laugh nervously.

As we step out of the dim pantry and Edie starts pouring hot water in our mugs, I nervously clear my throat.

Edie shakes her head before finally speaking, "Look, obviously we got a little carried away. But from here on out, we are only friends. At least until after the case. After the case, we can discuss this further."

"I totally agree." I say placing my hot mug upon the table.

"Alright. Just friends." 

"Just friends." I repeat.

Knowing that I had to focus on Emma first. Knowing that if it's meant to'll happen. 





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