She Taught Me How To Love

"If anyone asked me what impact Leigh had on my life, I could easily tell them. She taught me how to love." After four long years of a highly successful career, news of his childhood sweetheart sends international pop sensation Harry Styles into a whirlwind of emotions he believed had been forgotten all those years ago. As he struggles to become the person she always believed he could be, he learns once more that it is possible to love with the entirety of his heart.
©Ohhipstaplease 2014


18. Celebration

Chapter Sixteen


"I believe this calls for a celebration." Louis says as we all go down the steps in front of the courthouse. 

"It most certainly does. How does Nando's take out sound?" Liam asks as he opens the door to the car. "Edie too, I take it?."

Edie looks at me and I smile. She nods in agreement, "Let me just go get my car, I'll follow you."

"Great!" Liam says as he gets into the car "See you in a bit."

Louis and I buckle Emma into her car seat and get into the back with Zayn, as Niall takes shotgun, per usual. 

As we drive back home, it's silent. But it was the comforting type of silence. There was nothing to say. We were all just happy we would be with Emma. 

Emma falls asleep by the time we make it back home, and I try to carefully rouse her. But she was out like a light. Louis then opens his door and starts gently undoing her buckle. He carries her to the house, whispering something in her ear. I smile to myself, understanding that the boys were probably going through the same anxiety I was. Emma was such a huge part in all of our lives, I couldn't imagine it without her anymore.

I don't think any of us could.


"No, No, No!" Edie says laughingly as she sits on the carpeted floor with Niall next to her. A box of take out on her lap, "The best movie I have seen is Love Actually."

Louis turns to look at me and winks, knowing that was my favorite movie. I roll my eyes and keep eating, whilst Zayn and Liam coax Emma into taking one more bite before giving her some desert. 

"So, Edie. What to you say to watching a movie? It may not be the best one, but i'm sure we can come up with something good." Liam says from across the room. 

Edie checks her watch and tilts her head a bit as if contemplating whether she should stay or not. 

"Stay, hang out. We're celebrating anyways!" I reassure her. 

She nods in agreement. 

"Alright! Movie night!" Niall says scurrying to look through my DVD collection by the television. As Edie moves to sit next to me on the couch, leaving me in the middle of her and Louis. 

"Having fun?" I ask her.

"Yes. The boys are amazing."

"I'm glad."

"Me too."

"Niall, not that again!" Zayn says as he gets up to look for another DVD.

"But Ems loves Grease!"

"We are not watching Grease Again!"

"Hey!" Louis calls from against the room, "Don't knock Grease! It is a masterpiece!"

"They fly off in a bloody car! How is that even possible?" Zayn says still going through the large collection. "Aha!" He pulls out Scarface and raises his eyebrows.

"Are you mad? We are not watching Scarface!" Liam says pointing to Emma. "Put on Toy Story."

Emma becomes excited when she hears the name of her favorite movie and jumps up and down saying "Toy Story! Toy Story!"

Liam smirks as he turns to look at us "The little lady has good taste."

"Can we at least watch Toy Story 3? We haven't watched that in at least three days." I say.

"Toy Story 3 it is." Zayn says conceding.

As he pops in the DVD and turns off the lights, we all settle in to watch the movie. 


As the ending credits of the movie roll upon the screen, I am half awake, increasingly aware of Edie's blonde head on top of my shoulder. The rest of the room has fallen asleep as well, including Emma who was asleep on top of Liam. I willed myself not to move, to make sure she slept soundly. 

And soon enough, with my head rested upon hers, I fell asleep as well. 


"That was fun, thank you so much for inviting me." Edie says as she collects her jacket and shoes. 

"Anytime. Sorry I fell asleep on you." I say, feeling myself flush a bit. 

"No problem," she laughs "If anything that was my own fault. I was bloody wrecked."

"Do you want me to walk you to your car?"

She turns to look if the boys were still asleep, and they surely were, "Yeah. That would be nice."

I grab my jacket from the hook and open the door for her to exit. As we walked outside, it was silent. Only the sound of the wind around us. 



"Thank you. I know that if it wouldn't have been for you or Veronica, I probably would have thought it best for Emma to have stayed. I didn't realize..."

"That you're all that she needs?"

"You think?"

"I know. I was there those two months. I didn't want to tell you because..." she takes a breath and finally looks at me, "It was heartbreaking. Emma didn't know what to do, she didn't understand that Leigh was gone. She was acting so off, and Harry...I didn't want you to know. I thought that you knowing would just lead you to blame yourself, and you didn't need that on top of everything."


She ignores me and continues, "And that day that Emma called me mommy, I'm sorry for that too. Those two months, I tried my hardest to help her move on, and maybe that's what made her think I could replace Leigh. But Harry, no one could ever replace her. I'm sorry. I'm really so—"


She looks at me with wide eyes, and finally allows me to speak.

"I'm not mad. I'm not disappointed. I'm grateful."

"You're grateful?"

"I'm utterly grateful. You have done so much for me and my daughter, even Leigh. Edie?"


"I don't think any of this would have been possible without you." I kiss her soft forehead as she wraps her arms around me. 

"You're a good man Harry, don't ever forget it."

"Have a good night Ms. Messer." I say as I open her car door. 

"You too Mr. Styles."


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