Best Thing You Never Had

This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Ariana Grande she is the most popular girl in school and her parents are Rich. One of Ariana´s dreams is to meet her one and only idol Justin Bieber. Ariana has been in love with Justin since she first saw him in 2009 and is the biggest Belieber in the world. The day she meets Justin her worlds gets turned upside down. Could she have a chance to be with the one she loves or is this just another celebrity crush like everyother?


8. The Worries

  I woke up in a good mood today which is weird because ever since my parents got a divorce I haven't been in a good mood what so ever.

   I got out of bed and went into the bathroom .

Butler: Miss Grande? 

Ariana: Uhm yes?

Butler:  Breakfast is ready... They're  waiting you so whenever you're ready come to the dining room.

Ariana: Ok Thank You

  I got out of the bathroom.  Ok so  I have two problems 1. I don't have anything to wear because my clothes are still really wet  and 2. I don't know where the heck the dining room is.  

  So I decide I would go downstairs wearing Justin's shirt since I have nothing else to wear and they were waiting for me downstairs... I wonder who "they" are?

   It took some time but I finally  found the dining room. I could hear many different voices coming from the other side.

   I walked in and  it was really weird.

Ariana: Uhm Hi.

Alfredo: who is this little hottie?

Ryan: And by any chance does she have a boyfriend?

   I laughed because their comments were cute lol.

Justin: Guys this is Ariana Grande.... Ariana this is  Ryan, Alfredo, Chad, Lil twist, Lil  Za, Scooter, Dan, Kenny, and Allison.

Ariana: Hi

Ryan: So Ariana do you have a boyfriend?

Justin: Ryan Shut Up.

Ryan: what bro I was just asking.

Ariana: Justin can I talk to you?

Justin: Yeah sure.

  Justin grabbed my hand and lead my our of the dining room into the study room

Justin: what's wrong beautiful

Ariana: haha well I think I have to go home.

Justin: But why I wanted to take you out today you know like hang out and stuff.

Ariana: Aww that's really nice but if you haven't noticed I have nothing to wear.... I'm wearing 

one of your shirts and I feel really uncomfortable being in there  with just this on.

Justin: But why you look hot in my shirt.

  I started blushing again 

Ariana: haha well I don't think that's the point here.

Justin: Yeah I know but I have an idea ok wait here.

Ariana: ok

  Justin was the sweetest guy in the world. I waited for Justin to come back and after a couple minutes he came back.

Justin: Ok so Allison here is going to go to the mall and buy you some cute clothes.

    He said pointing at Allison who was standing next to him .

Ariana: No Justin you don't have to  don't that I can just go home and get some clothes .

Justin: Don't worry about it.

Ariana: Justin seriously I would feel really bad if you bought me clothes.

Justin: well don't fell bad because in the one who wants to buy you clothes and I'm sound it sa just stop complaining.

   He was so cute when he pretended to be mad. He couldn't hold if for long though because 

then he started smile and said sorry.

Allison: Ok so what size are for everything.

Ariana: I'm a size XS on shirts, a 2 in jeans or shorts, size 2 dress, size 6 shoes.

Allison:  ok I'll be back in half an hour.

   Allison left the room. 

Justin: So do you want to have breakfast in your room since you feel uncomfortable.

Ariana: No thanks I'll just sit with you guys I don't want to be rude.

Justin: Are you sure. 

Ariana: Yeah it's fine.

   We walked in to the dining room and everybody stared at me.


  authors note

   Hey guys I hope you guys like this chapter  sorry it took me a while to update but as I told you before I've been really busy with school and I had to go to cheer rehearsal this whole week after school because we had a game today so yeah I don't know when I'll update again because we're going to a cheerleading meet next Saturday and I'm going to be rehearsing a lot and the we have another game coming up so yeah.... Anyways don't forget to like, favorite, and comment on my Movella. I hope you guys like it. Bye




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