Best Thing You Never Had

This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Ariana Grande she is the most popular girl in school and her parents are Rich. One of Ariana´s dreams is to meet her one and only idol Justin Bieber. Ariana has been in love with Justin since she first saw him in 2009 and is the biggest Belieber in the world. The day she meets Justin her worlds gets turned upside down. Could she have a chance to be with the one she loves or is this just another celebrity crush like everyother?


4. The Concert


Note: Hey guys can u please read the comment I posted before you read this. It has some important Info on there. Thank you guys I hope you enjoy this Chapter.


 Ariana told Elizabeth that she was taking her to Justin Bieber´s concert. After a while of talking to Frankie she said goodbye to everybody at the ball and we to sleep to be ready to go to Justin´s concert tomorrow.

   I woke up in the best mood today because the thought of going to see Justin Bieber live in concert and in person made me so happy. I throw on some sweat pants and a T-shirt so I could go downstairs and have breakfast.

Edward: Good morning Princess.

Ariana: Good morning Daddy. Where's Mom and Frankie?

Edward: Oh they went out they'll be back in an hour. What time are you leaving for the concert?

Ariana: Well the concert is at 8 but since it's 30 an hour away and I have got go pick Elizabeth up i'm leaving at 6:00 so I can be there by 7:00. Why?

Edward: Oh I was just wondering I have to go to work and I probably won't be back till 9:00 so have fun at your concert. 

Ariana: Thank Daddy... I Love You, see you later.

 My Dad left for work and I was alone eat the house well not really alone because I had the the empolyees but you know what I mean. I had breakfast and then I ran upstairs to get ready. I got in the shower and when I was ready I put my robe on and went in my closet to pick my outfit for today. After like an hour an a half I finally picked the perfect outfit. This what I choose this.  

  I put the dress on and did my make-up. By the time I was done it was 5:45 so I grabbed my car keys and went downstairs. I couldn't believe that my mom and brother were still not home. I got in my car and went to pick Elizabeth up. We arrived at the venue around 6:55. When we got there and I parked the car it finally hit I was going to meet Justin Bieber.

Ariana: OMG Elizabeth you know what.

Elizabeth: What?


Elizabeth: Well duh

Ariana: Haha I know it sounded stupid but it just hit me... I didn't really think about it until now.

Elizabeth: Well pull yourself together and it's go.

  We got out of the car and went to the entrance. There were 3 huge guys asking for our tickets. We showed them our tickets and they sent us through a different entrance that led to the inside of the venue. We looked for our seat number. When we finally found our seats we realized that we were in the very first row in the perfect spot were we could see Justin perfectly and he could see us. After an hour of wait the lights went of and a guy started talking... I guess he was introducing Justin. After like 5 minutes Justin started coming down from the ceiling with huge beautiful wings and the crowd went crazy. We were more then half way through the concert when Justin finally asked the question that everybody in he venue was waiting for.

Justin: Are there any single girls in here?

*Crowd starts going crazy*


*Crowds starts scream and jumping all over the place*

  The music started playing and and Justin started to sing.

Justin: Alright Let's Go...There's gonna be one less lonely girl 
One less lonely girl 
There's gonna be one less lonely girl 
How many I told ya's 
Lets start overs 
and shoulders 
Have you cried on before 
How many promises 
Be honest, girl 
How many tears you let 
hit the floor 
How many bags you packed 
Just to take 'em back 
Tell me that 
How many either or's 
But no more 
If you let me inside of your world 
There'll be one less lonely girl 
Oh no 
Saw so many pretty faces 
Before I say you, you 
Now all I see is you 
Oh no 
Don't need these other pretty faces 
Cause when you're mine 
In the world 
There's gonna be one less lonely girl 
One less lonely girl 
One less lonely girl 
One less lonely girl 
There's gonna be one less lonely girl 
I'm gonna put you first 
I'll show you what you're worth 
If you let me inside your world 
There's gonna be one less lonely girl 

 I felt a tap on my shoulder and I started to freak out on the inside. I turned around and there he was Allisson was standing right in front of me.

Allisson: Do you want to be Justin's One Less Lonely Girl?

 I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I have wanted this ever since the very first time I saw Justin in 2009. It was a dream come true.

Ariana: OH MY BIEBER... YES!!!

Elizabeth: Oh my god.

  Allisson grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the crowd to take me backstage. When we got backstage the first thing I saw was Pattie and Scooter talking when they saw me they stopped talking and walked towards me. I had no idea what to say them.

Pattie: Hello my name is Pattie Mallatte

Ariana: Hi I'm...

  When I was going to tell her my name Scooter cut in.

Scooter: Ok we have no time for friendly introduction you have to be on stage in less then 2 minutes.

  Kenny grabbed my hand and we walked towards the stage.

Pattie's Point of view

Pattie: Well she was Gorgeous.

Scooter: Yeah I know and that dangerous. We should have pick somebody different.

Pattie: Why is it dangerous?

Scooter: Just trust me.

 Why did Scooter just say that it was dangerous? What is going on?

Ariana's Point of view

 Kenny walked me on stage. When I looked at Justin he was walking towards me with his hand extended towards me. I took Justin's hand and he walked my to the throne were I sat down and he put the crown on my head. I could believe this was happening I was freaking out and I felt like crying. Justin kept singing and dancing and he would sit next to me and hug me. He had the most amazing eye in the world. When I looked into his eyes it was just like nobody else existed and we were the only ones in the world. When the song was about to end just took my hands stood me up and just hugged my really tight until the song ended. It was the most amazing feeling in the world he smelled so good and I just kept hugging him and he kept hugging me. When the song ended held my hand and walked off stage with me. When we walked backstage we didn't have time to talk because he had to go perform the next song. 

Justin: It was really nice meeting you... I have to go bye

Ariana: Bye

  Kenny walked up to me. 

Kenny: Come on i'll walk you back to your seat.

Ariana: Ok

   I grabbed his hand and he started walk me out. On my way out I saw Pattie and Scooter again they waved goodbye so I waved back and I said Thank You. I think they understood me me because they laughed.

   After the concert was over we had to go to a different room for the meet and greets. We had to wait about half an hour before we got called over to see Justin. They called Elizabeth's number and we freaked. She went inside and was there for about 3 minutes which I guess is the most you can be in there since there are a lot a girls waiting to take they picture with them. I saw Elizabeth come out withe the biggest smile in the world and a picture in her hand. They called my number and I felt like I was frozen. I walked out into room and there he was right in front of me. 

Justin: Hey you're my One Less Lonely Girl.

Ariana: Yeah... That's me.

  I walked over to him so we could take the picture. I hugged him so we could take the picture.Right when the guy was about to take the picture just turned around and kissed my and the man snapped the picture.

Guy: OK NEXT!!!

Justin: Wait!!! I'm sorry about that I just thought it would make a better picture.

Ariana: Oh don't worry about it.

  I started to walk out. When I was about to go out I turned around.

Ariana: By the way it did make a better picture.

  I grabbed my picture and walked out. This is my picture 

    I walked to my car. And I  saw Elizabeth there.

Elizabeth: So how did it go?

Ariana: Oh my god it was awesome but we'll talk about that later. Let's go get something to eat i'm starving.

Elizabeth: Same here.

  I turned on my car and drove. When we sat down and ordered or food. 

Elizabeth: I can't believe that we actually met Justin Bieber.

Ariana: I know right.

Elizabeth: Ari?

Ariana: Yeah

Elizabeth: You truly are the most amazing best friend in the whole entire world.

Ariana: Aww I love you Eliza. Your are the most amazing best friend in the entire world too.

 We kept talkingabout Justin Bieber and how amazing the concert was. When we got done eating we got in the car and drove home. When we got home my mom,dad, and brother were in the living room waiting for me.

Joan: Oh We didn't know that Elizabeth was spending the night here.

Ariana: Oh sorry I forgot to tell.

Edward: It's ok we'll just talk to you tomorrow then.

Ariana: ok

Joan: Goodnight baby.

Ariana: Night Mom.

  My Mom, and Dad went upstairs. 

Ariana: Hey Frankie what's up with Mom and Dad?

Frankie: I can't really say anything you have to wait till tomorrow.

Ariana: Ok

Frankie: Either why Ari I love you... you are the best sister in the entire world.

  Frankie walked up to me and kissed me on the forehead.

Ariana: Um ok I love you to Frankie.

Frankie: Night baby sis.

Ariana: Night Frankie.

Elizabeth: Ok was it me or are your Parents and Brother acting really weird.

Ariana: I know right it's so weird but whatever nothing can ruin my night tonight.

  Rosy came up to me. BTW Rosy is one of our maids.

Rosy: Miss. Grande would you like me to take anything up to your room?

Ariana: Um no thanks Rosy we are going to bed but thanks anyways... You can go room now if you want to.

Rosy: Thank You Miss. Grande.

  Rosy excused herself and she went to bed. Elizabeth and I did the same. We went upstairs and through some pjs on. We laid down and talked for hours about our day today. I showed Elizabeth my picture and she showed me hers. She was so jealous of my pic. After a while I logged in to twitter to upoad my pic.

             Great time today @justinbieber concert... Here's my pic from meet and greets 

   I logged off and turned of the light. It was time to call it a night.

Ariana: Night Eliza.

Elizabeth: Night Ari.


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