Best Thing You Never Had

This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Ariana Grande she is the most popular girl in school and her parents are Rich. One of Ariana´s dreams is to meet her one and only idol Justin Bieber. Ariana has been in love with Justin since she first saw him in 2009 and is the biggest Belieber in the world. The day she meets Justin her worlds gets turned upside down. Could she have a chance to be with the one she loves or is this just another celebrity crush like everyother?


2. The Beginning

  I woke up on a sweet Friday morning. Not only was it the beginning of my weekend but I was hoping it was going to be the best weekend ever. Today was my birthday and my parents were throwing me a huge masquerade ball. My parents are one of the richest people in the country. I have always been spoiled because I´m the only daughter my parents ever had besides my brother Frankie ohh and I also have my dog his name is Coco and he is my baby btw I called him Coco because I love Coco Chanel. I love my family because they are the best family in the whole entire world. My moms name is Joan, and my dads name is Edward. I have long red hair because I´ve been dying it red for the past year but my natural hair color is a light brown. I got out of bed and went to the shower. When I  was done I went inside my closet

  and went to the dress section I was looking at what to wear but I couldn´t decide because none of my dress were good enough for today. I heard my mom calling my name.

Joan: Ariana where are you?

Ariana: I´m in the closet mom come in here.

 My mom came in and we sat down on the couch.

Joan: So I knew that today was going to be very special day for you and that you were going to have trouble choosing the perfect outfit because it´s your birthday so I bought you a little something so that you would have something new to wear.

  My mom handed me a bag. I opened it and this was inside.

Ariana: Oh My God mom this is amazing thank you so much I love you.

Joan: I love you too sweetheart. Happy Birthday. So do you want me to tell Linda to bring you your Breakfast?

Ariana: No thanks mom I´m just going to get dressed and I´ll be down in a few so I can have breakfast with you, dad, and Frankie.

Joan: Ok 

  She gave me another hug and then left. I ran out of the closet and into the bathroom to get ready. I curled my red hair and and did my make-up. When I was done I put on my high heels grabbed my bag and went downstairs. When I got downstairs my Brother and my dad were standing there holding a bag in their hands.

Edward: There´s my beautiful baby girl. Happy Birthday baby girls.

  He walked towards me gave me the bag, a hug, and a kiss.

Ariana: Thanks daddy.

Frankie: Happy Birthday Ari. I love you, you little squirt.

  He came towards me gave me the bag, a hug, and a kiss.

Frankie: So are you just going to stand there or are you going to open your presents. 

  I opened the bag that Frankie gave me first and this was inside. 




Ariana: Oh My god Frankie these are awesome.

  I opened the one that my dad gave me and this was inside.


Ariana: Dad I love these thank you. Thank you both.

  I ran to them and gave them both a hug. We went to the table and sat down to eat.

Joan: I asked Chef Max to make Freshly baked panckes, muffins, fresh fruit and low fat yogurt from Sweden because I now that you love it and I want everything to be perfect. Our maids came out with the food to serve us. When we were done eating I Excused myself from the table and went upstairs to brush my teeth. When I came dowstairs my brother was waiting for me.

Frankie: Hey Ari do you want me to give you a ride since your car is still in the shop?

Ariana: Yes please.

  I grabbed my bag and we went to his car.

Frankie: So don´t you think that dress is to short?

Ariana: No why does it bother you?

Frankie: Honestly yeah it does you don´t know what it feels like to have a hot little sister my friend are always checking you out and talking about how hot you are and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Ariana: I´m sorry Frankie.

Frankie: It´s okey it´s not your fault your beautiful.

Ariana: Hahahaha Frankie your crazy.

Frankie: I know.

  When we finally got to school we got down and walked to school. I went inside and then I saw my Friends Elizabeth, Alexis, Victoria, and Jennette. 

Girls: Hey Ari Happy Birthday.

Ariana: Hey guys Thank You.

  All of them handed my a bag and Balloons.

Ariana: Thank you guys.

Elizabeth: Don´t look now but Jai is coming this way and he has a Present, Roses, and Balloons.

Ariana: Are you kidding me........

Jai: Hey Ariana.

Ariana: Hey Jai.

  Jai is the son of my Parents best friends. He´s liked my for years now and I like him to he is really cute.

  Our parents have wanted us to date for sometime now but it just hasn´t happened yet.

Jai: Happy Birthday Gorgeous. 

  He handed me a bag, Roses, And a heart shaped balloon

Ariana: Thanks Jai.

  I opened the bag and there was a diamond charm bracelet inside.

Ariana: This is beautiful. But you didn´t have to get me anything Jai.

Jai: Yes I did. Well I have to go before i´m late to class bye Ari.

  He gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. My Girls and I left for class since I was the most popular girl at school the way to every class and throughout the whole school day everybody kept saying "Happy Birthday" and I ended up with some many presents. At the end of the day I said Goodbye to me girls except Elizabeth because she was going home with me, We walked to my brothers car and he was there waiting for us.

Frankie: Ariana I have a trunk full of presents that my friends told me to give you and you still have more present with you are you kidding me you can´t even hold them yourself now you need Elizabeth to help you. 

Ariana: Well i´m soory but they gave them to me.

Frankie: Put them in the back seat and lets go home.

  When we got home my mom and dad told me they had a surprise for me upstairs in my room.

Ariana: OK thank you. Hey can you tell Linda to tell the rest of the maid to get my presents out of the car and bringing them up o my room please.

Joan: okey sweetheart.

  Elizabeth and I ran upstairs to my room. When I opened my door there was a Big box on top of my bed.

Elizabeth: What do you think it is?

Ariana: I don´t know but let´s find out.

  I opened the box and this was inside.




Elizabeth: Oh my god this is so beautiful. why didn´t they get you shows?

Ariana: This is beautiful. My dad got my some really pretty high heel this morning so i´m wearing those. Did you bring your dress for the ball.

Elizabeth: Yeah but it look nothing like what your parents got you.

  We started to get ready beacuse the party was going to start at 8:00 p.m and it was 5:00 p.m.  I did my hair like this 

  And my make-up like this

  When I got done with my hair and make-up I did Elizabeth´s. When I was done with her´s it was 8:30 and everybody was in the ballroom waiting. We got dresses and I put on the high heels that my dad gave me and we went downstairs. When I got to the ballroom I heard the DJ announce me and I went inside. Everybody started claps and saying Happy Birthday. Then Jai came up to me.

Jai: I would like everybody´s attention please.

  Everybody got quiet and looked at us.

Jai: Ariana there´s something that I´ve wanted to ask you since the day we met but I have always been to scared to ask you. But today I think I finally found the courage to ask you.

   I was just standing there looking at him.

Jai: Ariana Grande would you go out with me?

  I stayed quiet. I didn´t know what to say to him.

Ariana: Yes Jai I´ll go out with you.

  Jai hugged me then kissed me and everybody started clapping. It was 10:00 p.m and after sometime of just talking and dance and just having fun the DJ announced that it was time for presents and he wasn´t talking about the table full of presents. He announced my mom and dad to come on stage.

Joan: Ariana, We want to give you your real birthday present, but before that your dad wants to tell you something.

Edward: Where do I begin. Baby girl you know that you mean the world to me and I love you with all my heart and today I want to wish you a Happy birthday. They took me outside to give my my present and you won´t believe what it was.


 ¿What did Ariana´s Parent´s get her for her Birthday? ¿And what will happen in the next chapter?

Author´s Note

  Hey guy´s I hope you like this chapter to my Movella. I decided to do it on Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber because I love them both. Anyway please let me know what you think about my movella. I´m going to try really hard to update as much as I can.



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