Best Thing You Never Had

This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Ariana Grande she is the most popular girl in school and her parents are Rich. One of Ariana´s dreams is to meet her one and only idol Justin Bieber. Ariana has been in love with Justin since she first saw him in 2009 and is the biggest Belieber in the world. The day she meets Justin her worlds gets turned upside down. Could she have a chance to be with the one she loves or is this just another celebrity crush like everyother?


7. Stranger

  I kept on walking until I bumped into somebody and fell to the ground.

Stranger: Oh Sorry.

Ariana:Will you fuckin watch where you're going.

  The Stranger didn't even look at me he just looked down at the ground and honestly I felt bad for yelling at him but I was just so confused and I was in a bad mood.

Ariana: I'm really sorry about that I didn't mean to flip out on you i'm just really upset right now.

Stranger: It's okey don't worry about it.

  He just kept looking down. I couldn't tell who it was.

Ariana: Are you okey... Do you need help?

Stranger: I'm fine Thanks.

  His voice sounded familiar but I just didn't know who it was.

Ariana: Hey you sound familiar... Do I know you?

Stranger: No You don't bye.

  He started to walk away but then he stopped.

Stranger: Listen it sound like you really need somebody to talk to and I get how that feels so if you would want to you can talk to me.

 I don't usually talk to stranger. But right now I really needed to talk to somebody and my best friend wasn't there for me.

Ariana: ok

  We started to walk and just talk about eachother.

Ariana: So what's your name?

Stranger: That's something you have to earn I just can't tell you who I am.

Ariana: haha ok

Stranger: I feel like i've seen you before.

Ariana: How wouold you know that if you haven't even looked at me once.

Stranger: By the way you talk and your laugh... I know I've heard that laugh before.

  After a while of talking we finally decided to sit down. I didn't know where I was and there was nobody around but I honestly didn't care there was something about this guy that made me feel safe.

Stranger: So do you want to talk about your problems... why were you crying?

Ariana:it's kind of a long story but i'm going through a really hard time right now. My parents just got a divorce and i haven't talked to me dad since the day of the divorce.I've tried calling him but he just won't pick up. And today at school I got in a fight with my best friend she's like my sister and she's not talking to me.

  After a while of talking to him i started crying my eyes out I just couldn't help it.

Stranger: I'm really sorry.

  I felt his arms around me and then he pulled me into a tight hug. For some reason I felt like my problem had disappeard. We sat there for a while under the rain with his arms around me he smelled so good.

Stranger: I know where I know you from now.

Ariana: Wait what?

  He let go and started to put his hood down.

Ariana: Oh My God you're....

Stranger: Yeah I'm Justin Bieber.

  I sat there frozen. Not even knowing what to say.

Justin: you were my one less lonely girl right?

  I nodded my head.

Justin: Listen I liked that i could talk to you and get to know you and that you got to know me for the real me.... I would love to get to know you even better.

Ariana: Yeah sure thing... You know I didn't really think that I would ever be able to meet you much less talk to you like I did the way i did today. I would love to get to know you better.

  We kept talking for 2 more hours.

Justin: So it's pouring out here and we've been sitting here in the rain for more than 2 hours.

Ariana: Yeah I know you probably have to go home so I'll just let you leave.

Justin: wait aren't you going home?

Ariana: No... I really don't feel like being home right now I feel like if I go back right I might loose it.

Justin: So where are you going?

Ariana: IDK i'll probably go find a hotel somwhere and stay there.

Justin: No way.... You're coming home with me tonight.

Ariana: You really don't have to... seriously I can just go stay at a hotel.
Justin: But I want to so come on.

   He grabbed my hand and pulled my towards a car.

Ariana: This is your car?

Justin: Yeah

Ariana: But i've never seen you drive this car before.

Justin: yeah well this is the car I use when I want to be on the down low so people won't recognize my car and know it's me.

Ariana: Oh that is actually really smart.

  We got in the car and drove to his house. When we arrived there I was shocked.

Ariana: Your house is huge.

Justin: I can get kind of lonely sometimes since it's just me, Kenny, and Dan. But i have Jazy and Jaxon over somtime. And Ryan and Alfredo are moving in soon so that should be better.

Ariana: That's good then.

Justin: yeah so come on let me show you to your room.

  We walked up the stairs and walked for like 3 minutes until we reach the end of the hall. Justin opened a door to a beautiful room it look kind of like mine but instead of it being pink and purple. It was just white.

Justin: so this is the room you'll sleep in. Here your clothes are all wet so let me see if i have anything for you.

Ariana: Ok'

  Justin walked out after like 5 minutes just finally came in.

Justin: I don't really have any girl clothes so i brought you one os my shirts.

Ariana: Ok thank Justin.

  I walked into the bathroom. I took my clothes on and put Justin's shirt on. I was kind of big on me It fit me like  a dress.

  I walke dout of the bathroom and Justin was on the bed.

Justin: Wow you look amazing.

  I blushed.

Justin: Anyways i let you sleep i really late so i'll just leave... you yeah before I forget if you need anything my room is next door.

Ariana: ok Thanks.

  Justin walked out and closed the door behind him. I layed down and throw th covers on. I couldn't believe I was actually in Justin Bieber's house. it was like a dream come true. I turned off the light and went to sleep.


 Hey guys sorry i took so long to update. I've been really busy at school and since it my senior year I have to work really hard. Anyway don't forget to like, Favorite, and comment on my movella. I really hope you guys like this chapter. Bye.

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