Best Thing You Never Had

This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Ariana Grande she is the most popular girl in school and her parents are Rich. One of Ariana´s dreams is to meet her one and only idol Justin Bieber. Ariana has been in love with Justin since she first saw him in 2009 and is the biggest Belieber in the world. The day she meets Justin her worlds gets turned upside down. Could she have a chance to be with the one she loves or is this just another celebrity crush like everyother?


5. OMG

  It was Sunday Morining and I had nothing to do. I woke up and realized that Elizabeth had left. I got out of bed but my bunny slipper's on. I woke downstair's and My Mom, Dad, and brother were downstairs in the living room waiting for me.

Ariana: What going on?

Joan: Ariana baby, Your Dad and I have something to tell you.

Ariana: Ok?

Edward: Princess... Your Mom and I have fighting a lot lately and things are just not working out anymore.

Ariana: What?

Joan: Hunny what we are trying to tell you is that your Father and I are getting a divorce. We just can't be under the same roof anymore.


Frankie: Ari come down...


Frankie: I know Ari but...

Ariana: JUST STOP... I don't want to talk to any of you right now.

 I Started to walk out the room.

Ariana: You know what do whatever you guys but don't expect my to support you.

 I walk away and ran upstaitrs to my room I sat on my bed crying and I didn't know what to do I really need my friends right now. I called Elizabeth.


Elizabeth: Hello

Ariana: Liz?

Elizabeth: yeah what's up Ari you sound like your crying... What happened?

Ariana: My parents just told me that they are getting a divorce and I don't know what to do.

Elizabeth: OMG Ari i'm so sorry I don't know what to say.

Ariana: Liz I really need my best friend right now can you come over?

Elizabeth: Ari I can't go right now i'm two hours away from L.A but i'll try to get there as fast as I can.

Ariana: Ok Liz Thanks.

Elizabeth: ok See you in about 3 hours.

Ariana: Ok Bye.

Elizabeth: Bye.

 I hanged up.I felt like shit right now. I realized that what I needed was to talk to my boyfriend right now so I called Jai.


Jai: Hey baby waht's up?

Ariana: Jai I need to talk to you can you please come over?

Jai: Ariana what wrong? Why are you crying?

Ariana: I'll tell you when you come over.

Jai: Ok baby I'll change and be over in 5.

Ariana: OK

Jai: Bye I Love You

Ariana: Bye Jai.

 I hung up and layed down. I didn't know what to do I was so confused right now and I still counldn't believe my parent's are getting a divorce. After a I while I heard a knock on the door.

Ariana: WHAT?

Jai: Baby it's me.

Ariana: Oh sorry jai. Come in.

 Jai walked in and hugged me.

Jai: Baby what's wrong?

Ariana: My Parents are getting a divorce.

 We talked for a while but I got dark so Jai had to go.

Jai: I have to go baby I hope you feel better now though.

Ariana: I do Thank you for coming over Jai.

Jai No problem Baby.

 I kissed him goodbye. When he left i went in my closet put my Pj's On and went to bed.


 Author's note

 hey guys sorry that it took me so long to update but as you guys know my stupid laptop isn't workin. I sent it to get fixed but th guys that is fixing it said the it had something to do with the motherboard or something like that lol. Anyway he sai that it was going to take some time to fix it so in the mean time I stuck using mmy sister's laptop. I won't be updateing that often because my sister doesn't let me use her laptop that much but i will try my best to update a lot i promise. Any way I hope you liked this chapter and don't forget to like, favorite, and comment my Movella. oh i'm so sorry that the chapter was so short.


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