More thn life itself

Niall just comes back from a tour with the boys and is more than happy to go back home and see his girlfriend Julie. When Niall finally steps into the door Julie looks surprisingly angry. Julie found out about Niall kissing a fan on the lips and she isn't very '' pleased'' to see them put on magazines about '' What will Julie think ? '' , '' Is it good-bye Julie ? ''. Having a huge argument with your girlfriend you haven't seen in weeks and been with for months is heart breaking. But when guys cry over a girl, It must be real.


1. Coming home: Niall's prospetive

I park my car outside. My heart feels tingly. I  thinks inside '' Will she find out about the kiss?''. While all these things rush inside his head he heads up the stairs and unlocks the door. When I gots inside, I see Julie, upset. You can tell she has been crying because her eyes seem to be red, The tears are still damp on her whitely smooth skin. I looked at her in a peculiar way. She has something behind her back. She quickly pulls the object from her back and puts it in my face. She says in a shakey tone, '' W-what is this?! ''. I can see more tears building up inside her beautiful brown eyes. I felt horrible. I reached to grab her arm and say '' Babe it's not what it looks li- '' But I felt this hand brush hard against my cheaks. She grabs her coat and runs outside to the Medow fields. I rub my cheak.  I close the door and rub my eyes and walked to the bathroom upstairs and look in the mirror, her hand print still stains on my cheak. I go back into the doorstep to look and see if I could see her through the window, but step on something. I look down to pick it up. It was a magazine, With me.. And .. The fan, Us kissing. I couldn't stand to look at it but I knew I had no choice. As I read, I rubbed back my hair saying inside '' What the hell was I thinking? ''. I went into the kitchen and throw away the magazine. When I went to the sink to wash off my face, I see Julie out in the medows. Tears running down her cheaks and her running her fingers through her long brown hair. I wanted to go out there and rap my arms around her, but I figured that would make it worse. What have I done.

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