The World Jumper

This movella is for the New Direction project.
I'm a World Jumper, cursed to relive the worst of my memories again, and again, and again. But, only one thing can heal me. Easy as it may sound, another being is searching for what I seek, and I must find it before she does... I must. For it will surely mean the destruction of the world, as we know it.


9. The Chip

It has been three days since the doctors put the chip in my mind, right after my transformation into a cyborg. The doctors put me too sleep and implanted a chip in the back of my mind. I can't control my own movements, but my thoughts are still here. I am stronger and faster then any human, alien or entity. My senses are hightened. I can see things miles away like they're right in front of me. I can hear over great distances, my smell acts in a similar way. I don't need to eat anymore. I miss the delicous taste of a roast, the juice running down my chin. I would eat brussel sprouts if I could. But I can't. That was one of the things, Myst made sure I wouldn't need. I guess it means less time keeping me alive, and more time capturing more people, to turn into cyborgs. That was her plan all along, to make me her test subject to see if the surgery will be a success.

Now she has hundreds of cyborgs, she is raising an army. The box Arthur wanted was hidden, and I can no longer access my powers. I am cyborg #1. Arthur no longer exists.

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