The World Jumper

This movella is for the New Direction project.
I'm a World Jumper, cursed to relive the worst of my memories again, and again, and again. But, only one thing can heal me. Easy as it may sound, another being is searching for what I seek, and I must find it before she does... I must. For it will surely mean the destruction of the world, as we know it.


7. Mirror and The Box

“It’s going to be alright, Arthur,” the doctor reassured me. “It won’t hurt at all.”

‘You’re not the one on whom the surgery is being performed, are you?’ I thought.

I was lying down on a steel table and the excessive light stung my eyes.

“It’ll only take a minute,” Myst snickered.

If I could strangle her now, I would have. The biggest mistake I made was marrying her in the first place.

I noticed a pair of hands injecting a blue liquid on my arm. Drowsiness.

Within seconds the world turned black and those memories re-entered my head.


“You killed him!”

“It’s your fault!”

“I hate you!”



“It’s not your fault!”

Just stop.

“We love you!”

“You’re a killer!”

“You killed-”

My eyes flickered open and I could see Myst’s smug face. I tried to move, but my body was tied to the table.

What’s going on? I raised my head, but felt a sudden sharp pain.

“Bring in the mirror,” Myst ordered to the doctors. “And the box.”

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