Live, love, laugh

Vannesa had a rough childhood. Her mum died when she was eight. Her dad left her when she was six. So she lives with her grandmother. Ever since she was nine. She doesn't trust anyone not even her grandmother. She defenitly doesn't trust her father. she can't trust anyone anymore. But will she finally learn to trust someone? Not only trust them but be in love with them. But will she soon learn betrayal again?


4. Stay the night

I froze. My grandma was the last price of family I had left! And now she's gone! Tears fell down fast. "Where is she?!" I screamed at him. "Inside but I suggest you don't-" he said. But I ran in. "Ma Ma! Ma Ma! Ma Ma!" I screamed for her as if she could hear me. I fell on the floor. "Ma Ma! Please! Ma Ma!" I had no idea what I was pleading for! I think I'm pleading for her to suddenly survive. I screamed. I cried loudly. "Ma Ma!" I screamed. An officer came in. "come on mam" he said as he tried to help me up. Then I saw them carrying my grandma to the ambulance. "No!!" I screamed. The officer picked me up. "No!!Ma Ma!" I screened reaching for her. I cried in the officers arms. "Please help my grandma" I screamed to him. "Honey I'm do sorry" he kept saying. "I have to go" I said. I ran to my car crying. I got in. It started to pour. I drove to Eleanors house. I ran to her front door and knocked. I sat by the door and cried. Then someone opened it. It was Eleanor. I ran up to her and hugged her. I sniffled. "What's wrong?" she asked. I realized I was soaking wet. "My-my-my grandma died...she's the last family I had" I said. "I'm do sorry!" she said. "My Ma Ma!" I said. I cried on her shoulder. Then I heard people coming downstairs. I looked up and saw Niall. I hugged him. He hugged me tight. "Vannesa if you want you could stay here tonight" Eleanor said. "We have a guest room" I heard Louis say. "O-okay" I stuttered. Niall hugged me all the way upstairs. I walked into the guest room. "Here's the guest room" he said. I sat down. He sat next to me. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Y-yeah" I said. "I'll be right back" he said as he walked out. I took off my sweater and shoes an layed under the blanket. He walked back in. He saw me. He looked at My clothes. "Your clothes....they are soaking wet" he said. He looked around. "Here" he said. He took off his shirt an handed it to me. I went to the restroom and changed into his t shirt. He layed next to me. He hugged me. "Your freezing" he said. I turned to look at him. I felt his warmness. I looked at him. And looked into his beautiful blue eyes. "I was sad early today because.." I said inturrupitung. I felt like I ha to tell him. "It was my moms anniversary for her death" I said. My eyes filled with tears. "It's okay" he said. He hugged me close to him. I wrapped my arms around him. "Its all my fault!" I said. "What is?" he asked. "How my grandma died! If I wouldn't have left the memorial..." I said. "Shh...." he said. He held me tighter. "Niall" I said. "Yeah nessy?" he asked. "Thank you" I said. "For what?" he asked. "For understanding and being here for me" I said. He smiled. I wiped my tears. "Can I hear your music?" I asked him. "What?" he asked surprised. "Can I hear your music?" I asked. "Okay" he said. He got up and left. He came back with his phone. He played three songs for me. "Wow you guys are really good" I said. "So earlier today when you told me I was cute..." he said. I laughed. "Yeah what about it.." I said. "Your your beautiful" he said. I smiled. I kissed him on the cheek. I layed down. And I fell asleep.

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