Live, love, laugh

Vannesa had a rough childhood. Her mum died when she was eight. Her dad left her when she was six. So she lives with her grandmother. Ever since she was nine. She doesn't trust anyone not even her grandmother. She defenitly doesn't trust her father. she can't trust anyone anymore. But will she finally learn to trust someone? Not only trust them but be in love with them. But will she soon learn betrayal again?


10. My PERSONAL mail

"Are you even hungry?" Niall asked me. Me and Niall were on our second date. Dinner at a resteraunt. "No" I said smiling. "Let's get out of here then" he said. I smiled and nodded. We walked out to the car. We got in. "I wasn't hungry I just wanted to go on a date to have and excuse to do this" he said. Then he kissed me passiontely. I laughed. "you don't need an excuse" I said. Then I smiled. "And I kinda wanted to talk to you about something. We drove home. we sat in the kitchen table. Niall pulled out a letter. It was the letter he had grabbed from the drawer when I was moving in. He must have took it when I wasn't looking! "it's this letter..." he said. "Niall!! I told you to stay out of it!" I said upset. "But I opened it" he said. "Really?" I said with more curiosity than anger. " this from your father?" he asked. "All the letters are" I said. "I thought you said you had no family left" he said. "No family that actually cared about me!" I said. "If he wrote those letters to you he obviously does care!" he said. "No he doesn't he ruined my life!" I said. "How?!he cares about you!" he said. "Niall you don't understand!" I said. "What...what do I not understand?" he asked upset now. "He used to beat my mum...and sell drugs...then he left us!! Then he went to jail! Not only for selling drugs! But for beating my mum!" I said in tears. "Nessy" he said soft now. "I'm sorry I didn't know...." he said. "That's why I never opened the stupid letters!" I said. "Then why did you keep them?" he asked. "Just in case I might have wanted day" I said. "How about today?" Niall asked. "What did the letter you read say?" I asked. "Well it gives the day he is getting out of jail and...his phone number..." he said. "When is he getting out?" I asked. "Tomorrow" Niall said.

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