Live, love, laugh

Vannesa had a rough childhood. Her mum died when she was eight. Her dad left her when she was six. So she lives with her grandmother. Ever since she was nine. She doesn't trust anyone not even her grandmother. She defenitly doesn't trust her father. she can't trust anyone anymore. But will she finally learn to trust someone? Not only trust them but be in love with them. But will she soon learn betrayal again?


12. Joey

I walked into the kitchen. "So...Nessy" Niall said. "Yeah Nialler?" I asked. "You never told me why your dad got arrested?" he asked. "But Nialler I said I didn't want to talk about it..." I said. "Why? Was it really that bad?" he asked. "Niall I really don't...want to talk about it..." I said. I got a glass of water. "I really don't want to hve anything to do with him...ever" I said. Then Zayn walked in. "Hey Nessy and Niall" he said. "Hey zayn" I said. "What's up?" Niall said. "I was wondering in you guys wanted to go to dinner with me and Perrie tonight" he asked. "Yeah sure" I said. "Yeah" Niall said. "Cool I'll go tell perrie" he said. He walks out the door. I sat there and drank my water. I got up and grabbed my keys. "I'll be back at six." I said. "Where are you going?" Niall asked. "A friends house..." I said. "Okay you Nessy" he said. "Bye love you too Nialler" I said then walked out the door. 

I drove to my friends house and knocked on their door. Then he opened the door. "Hey Joey" I said. I hve him a hug. "Hey I heard about your grandma" he said. "I know! It hurts so much!" I said crying a little. He hugged me tighter. "Come on in" he said. I walked in. "Hungry?" he asked. "No" I said. "So I haven't seen you in's life" he said with a smile trying to cheer me up. "well...I met someone" I said smiling. "A new boyfriend?" he asked not smiling anymore. "After what happened with Jason?" he asked. "Look...that was a long time ago..and this guy is different!" I said. "Do I know him?" he asked. "You have probabily heard of him" I said. "Who?" he asked. "Niall...Niall Horan from One Direction" I said. "Oh I've heard of them.." he said. "Well Niall is great!" I said. "Well you do seem pretty happy..." he said. "I am" I said smiling

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