Live, love, laugh

Vannesa had a rough childhood. Her mum died when she was eight. Her dad left her when she was six. So she lives with her grandmother. Ever since she was nine. She doesn't trust anyone not even her grandmother. She defenitly doesn't trust her father. she can't trust anyone anymore. But will she finally learn to trust someone? Not only trust them but be in love with them. But will she soon learn betrayal again?


23. I need your help

"I don't think your in any position to be receiving help from me" I said.

"Please...for the sake that we used to be best friends" she said. I was right about to say no. But when I saw her face, I felt bad. I felt sorry for her. 

"Why do you need my help?" I asked sitting beside her.

"Well... I need a place to stay for one. I need to be somewhere safe" she said.

"Safe from what?" I asked confused.

HONK. I turned and saw Niall looking at me nervously. I got a text from him. "babe we gotta get going".

i replied: "okay. But don't honk at me".

i turned and he nodded. I looked back at Kristina. 

"I'll tell you when we can, when we are alone. But please" she said.

"Fine." I said. "Were going in the same car" I said after looking at her sadly, crashed, beat up car.

we all got in and I hugged Nialls arm and fell asleep. And when Niall woke me up we were there. 

When we got home Niall went straight to bed. I made me and Kristina tea. I gave her a cup and we sat down.

"So now do you wanna tell me?" I said raising an eyebrow.

her eyes watered.

"Your going to hate me" she said as tears started to fall.

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