Live, love, laugh

Vannesa had a rough childhood. Her mum died when she was eight. Her dad left her when she was six. So she lives with her grandmother. Ever since she was nine. She doesn't trust anyone not even her grandmother. She defenitly doesn't trust her father. she can't trust anyone anymore. But will she finally learn to trust someone? Not only trust them but be in love with them. But will she soon learn betrayal again?


5. Big idea

I woke up. I sat up and looked around. Niall was sleeping still. I grabbed my phone to check the time. It was 10:15am. I sat up and put on my jeans. They were dry now. But I kept Nialls shirt on. I put on my sockes and shoes. Then I heard Niall wake up. "Hey" he said smiling and stretching. "Hey" I said smiling. He leaned in for a kiss but I stood up. "I should go.." I said as I started to walk downstairs. He ran up by me but I kept walking. He walked with me. "You don't have too you can stay and have breakfast!" he said. "No I should go" I said as I saw everyone at the kitchen and dining room. "Hey Vanessa" I heard Eleanor say. But there was one more girl there. "hi" I said. "Here I want you to meet someone" Zayn said. "This is my girlfriend Perrie". I smiled and said "Hi I'm vannesa". "Hey nice to meet you Vannesa" she said. "I was just on my way home actually..." I said. "Oh.." Periie said. "I'm really sorry but it was really meet you" I said. She smiled. I walked towards the door. I looked at Niall and walked out. Niall ran after me. "Nessy...." he called out to me. "huh?" I said as I turned. "Let me take you" he said. "I have my car here...and I need to bring it home already anyways" I said as I walked towards my car. I opened the door. "Can I come with..." he asked me. "I don't know..." I said. "Please" he said. "Okay" I said. We both got in the car. I drove to my house. We got out. I walked up to my house. It looked empty. I walked in and heard the creak of the door. Niall walked behind me. "It just seems know without her..." I said as I walked towards my room. I walked in. Everything was the same as I left it before the memorial. Except my blanket had been folded. Grandma must have folded it before she...she...died. My eyes filled with tears but not one fell. Niall hugged me from behind. I walked to my grandmas room. I opened the door slowly. My eyes filled up with more tears and finally they started to fall. He hugged me tighter. I walked up to her drawer. I opened the first one. I smiled and laughed a little. But my nose was still runny. And my eyes were still red and tears will still falling. "What?" Niall asked. "My grandma kept...this picture...I drew for her when I was six" I said. He took the paper and looked at it. "She laughed when I first have it to her because the way I drew her head bigger than her body" I said as I laughed. He smiled. "Shes your family" he said. "No...she was my family" I said as the tears started to fall again. "" I said. "What happend to your parents?" he asked. Then my phone rang. I answered the call. It was Eleanor. "Hey I think you left your lipstick here...we found it on the floor" she said. "Uh keep it" I said. "Okay...thanks" she said. "Okay bye" I said. "Bye" she said. I hung up. I looked  around. "I can't be in here" I said. I walked out often room. "I can't be in this house!" I said. "It hurts too much!". "Then you should move out!" Niall said. "And move where?" I said as I walked out of the house. "With us" he said. "Niall we met yesterday! I think that's too much!" I said. "Nessy! Your going through a really hard time right now!" he said. "Niall! You barely know me!" I said. "Well let me get to know you!" he said. " can't just invite me without asking the other boys! And Eleanor, and perrie!" I said. "Let me call" he said. He took out his phone and started dialing. "When do you excpect me to move in?" I asked. "Tonight..." he said then said "Hello". I was so surprised. I mean I barely knew Niall...And he barely knew me?! Did he really care about me or was he trying really hard to get in my pants?! Maybe he was just really nice?! I honestly had no idea what to think?! H smiled and said "Thank you ...thank you!" he said then hung up. He smiled and hugged me. "You can move into the guest room!!" he said. I smiled. "So let's get your stuff" he said. "Just my clothes...the rest is trash" I said. We walked back in and walked into my room to get ready to pack!

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