Maddie with the Host Club

Madeline Anne Hills may have the money, the life, but she has no true friends. All her friends weren't real, they were all for her money. Madeline likes to be called Maddie.

Maddie is one of the richest people in the world. She has moved to Japan even though she doesn't know any Japanese. She goes to a school called Ouran. Who would you think she meets?


1. My First Day

I opened one eye waking from my lovely sleep. "Wake up! Wake up!!" my favorite maid yelled. She was my favorite because of a couple things. One, she was around my age so she understood me. Two, she was never formal around me, she treated me like a friend.

"I'm up! I'm up, Dana!" I groaned sitting up. She took a brush and set to work on the knot in my long, straight, black hair. "I can do it myself ya know?" I said rubbing my eyes. "Yeah, I know. But this is my job, Maddie." she said brushing my now silky hair.

Once she finished she said," Ya want me to get that thing they call a dress?" she asked. "Oh no. I'm going American style." I said walking to my closet. She came in my closet that was about the size of a normal room. "How bout this?" she asked.

It was a turquoise tank top and black skinny jeans with my light brown heeled boots. "Okay, but only because I'm too tired to look myself. And it's not that bad." I said taking the clothes. I slipped them on and after brushing my teeth and stuff, I got in the limo with Dana.

She walked me out the limo to the office to get my things and she left. I walked down the hall into my first class.

I walked up to the teacher and handed her the slip of paper. She read it, wrote a few things down, signed the slip, and gave it back.

I sat in the very back of the class room and after I finished getting things put where they need to go, the teacher spoke up.

"Miss Madeline, would you please come to the front of the room and introduce yourself?" Mrs. Hilliard asked. I walked up and waved smiling.

"Call me Maddie please. I just moved to Japan a week ago, aaand, I hope we get along." I said. "Anyone have any questions for Maddie?" Mrs. Hilliard asked the class. Everyone's hand shot up.

"Uh, you." I said pointing to guy.. Wait, a girl. "I'm Haruhi, where did you come from?" Haruhi asked. "America, Louisiana." I said. "You guys." I said pointing to the two twins. "What's your full name?" one asked. "Madeline Anne Hills." I sighed hanging my head in defeat. "You mean, the Madeline Anne Hills?" the other twin asked. "Yes." I mumbled.

"Do I have to answer anymore questions?" I asked. "No." my teacher answered. And with that, I walked back to my seat.


After school, I needed to find a place to study. All the dang libraries were too loud. I found a music room that didn't seem too loud, so I opened the door.

All I saw was a light and rose petals. "Rose petals? Really?" I asked swatting them away. "Yes, my dear princes-" I cut the blonde off and waved to Haruhi. "Hey! Why are you in the Host Club? Isn't it for boys?" I asked her.

She seemed shocked, very shocked. "H-How-" I cut her off. "The eyes, they practically scream you're a girl." I explained. "Well, I'll be on my way now." I said walking to the door. "I'm afraid we can't have that." a guy with glasses said. I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" I asked, my voice dripped with venom. "I said, we can't let you leave knowing Haruhi's secret." he repeated.

"Kyoya, I'd take that back if I were you." one twin said. "You should know that's Madeline Anne Hills." the other finished. "Like I said in class, call me Maddie. Now what exactly are you going to do?" I asked turning back to Kyoya. "You are to join the host club." he said with a smirk. 

"Fine." I said with a glare that would send the devil running for his life. He flinched a little, but covered it. "What now?" I said sitting on a couch. "Dana, I got caught up. I'll call you when I'm ready to go home." I said before I hung up. "What? Dana needs to know, or just may come and think you guys are trying to kill me." I said.

"First, let us introduce ourselves. I'm Tamaki, this is Honey, Mori, Karuo, Hikaru, Kyoya, and that's Haruhi!" he said. "I have another daughter!" he said dreamily.

"Fat chance." I said pressing one of his pressure points. They all looked at me, somewhat afraid. "Don't worry! He's just paralyzed, see? Just press here, and he's fine." I said. He stood up," May want to sit down for a few minutes." I said. He sat down in his corner and sulked. 

"Oh-kay. Can I go home? My mom's gonna kill me." I said. "Yeah." Kyoya said. "See ya tomorrow." I waved walking out.

I walked out to see the limo already there after I had called. "Hey Dana!" I said slipping in the car. "Hey Maddie. Your mom's got some awesome news!" she said. "What is it?" I asked excited. "I can't tell you!" she squealed. I laughed at her and got out the car when we got home.

"Moooooom!" I yelled running to the livingroom. "Yes?" she asked. "Dana said you have some news!" I squealed. "I got you a present!" she said happily. "Go to your room, it's in there." she said. I skipped off to my room upstairs and opened the door. I saw a girl and a big crate in the middle of my room. "Madeline?" she asked. "Call me Maddie. What's this?" I asked poking the box. She pulled the crate open and I was amazed.

Inside there was...




"Italy!? You're in the wrong fanfiction!" I said. "I'm here to give you this scary thing!" he said letting a wolf jump out.

((Read: Anyone know who Italy is? Hetalia, if ya don't, look up Hetalia. Amazing))

The wolf had black eyes, and silky, gray fur. She was beautiful. "Ari isn't a normal wolf. Do you understand? Watch this. Switch." She said to the wolf. Suddenly there was a girl infront of me.

"Woah." I whispered backing away. The girl had the same hard, black eyes and her hair was long, and silver. She was very pretty. "Hi!" she said smiling. "H-hey." I said waving.

"I'm Ariana! You can call me Ari." she said sticking her hand out. I shook her hand, "I'm Madeline, call me Maddie.".

Well, this is weird. "I'll be going to school with you!" Ari said.

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