Shadowfall Series: Book 2 Relight

It is five years later after the purification of the Mother. Anisa is back with her army and is more powerful than ever. But so is Kate and her group. The group comes back together in hopes of stopping Anisa. But can they get to her in her new city of Prentice? And how will the village of Ulmitia hold up against the Shadow stragglers?


1. Preface

Well, about five years ago, Mother Nature tried to rid her creation of pollution by absorbing it, but it somehow backfired and corrupted her. The corrupt Mother released a poison to kill off mankind, but it didn’t kill of all of them. Some, it enhanced, giving them powers of many kinds. When she learned of this, she took the shadows of the ruined world and gave them shape, commanding them to kill the mutations. Many died. Others fought back. That group, the heroes of our last story, purified the corrupt deity and restored the ruined world, creating the New World. After they fixed what had been broken, they split up and went their separate ways. They now live alongside the other Humans and Mutants, minding their own business and watching the World go from desolate to thriving.

A lot has changed since then. The Purification healed the planet, but mutated humans, plants, and animals remained the same. Some look down upon the Mutated; some honor them for their survival. The members of the group who stay known are regarded as heroes. The Mother had one child, a daughter which she split in two; the good side being Kate , and the bad Anisa. When the Mother was Purified, Anisa fled, disappearing for years. Now, she has resurfaced as the Ruler of an Anti-Mutant government called the Vanguard. She has built a City that goes by those laws, any Mutants found in it have to hide or be killed.

But our heroes? Where are they now? Not many people know. Including myself. Well, I know where two are...

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