Never Forgetting You

Hannah Moat is any ordinary girl. She has a family, a house, friends, a best friend and a crush on one guy. The problem is that her best friend Louis Tomlinson, is the one she loves. She can't get him out of her head. She cries every night thinking about how he will never like her back. But Louis actually loves her back. And he thinks that she will never like him back. What will their life turn into? Will they ever tell each other how they feel? How will Louis pursue his singing career? Will he have to leave Hannah without telling her anything? *Author's note: This is before One Direction was created, but somehow Little Mix is mentioned in this book (they're already made into a girl group) Please be totally honest with how you like my book. I rarely ever share my writing to other people. Tell me things I can work on, whats good and bad. This is my first book so I will eventually learn from what I did bad and well. Thanks so much! :*


1. Thinking About Him

Hannah's POV

Rain softly fell on the glass of my bedroom window, and it was quiet in the house.

Thats the best kind of time to think.

I guess thats the weird thing about me. I love to think about anything. Boys,friends,family,school and just plain life. Well, at least one weird thing, as my older sister Clarissa would put it. 

I couldn't waste this precious moment.

I grabbed my iPhone off my desk and went onto Pandora. I went onto the "Little Mix Radio." I was surprised that it skipped the first song, which was supposed to be a Little Mix song, but I was totally fine with the song that played. "Give me love" by Ed Sheeran started playing. 

I smiled.

It made me think about my crush. 

And my best friend. Which is the same person.

Talk about friend a girl's perspective.

Ever since the 1st grade, when we became friends, I've had a huge crush on him. 

Ever year, I'd get more feelings for him. After 10 years, I've realized....I love him.

Well, at least what a 16 year old girl thinks what love is.

I hate it so much when Louis talks about "popular girls" who all the guys go for. But I hate myself even more because I act so rude when he talks about them. 

I flopped onto my bed. I needed to think about nice things. 

I drowned in my thoughts, thinking about his beautiful sea green eyes. 

Eventually I had thoughts about how it was like as if the rain was mocking me, representing all the tears I've shed thinking about how he would never like me. 

My eyes started to fill with tears. I hugged my pillow and thought about Louis as tears slid down my cheeks, my rusty blonde waves sticking onto my cheeks, because of the stickiness of the tears.

My thoughts were interrupted with someone swinging my bedroom door open.

In came Clarissa.

"Have you seen my phone anywhe-" She stopped mid-sentence. I was already sitting straight up on my bed, wiping away the tears. Her dark brown hair was curled, obviously she was trying to have curly hair like me. 

"Where you crying?" 

"I...I....I...." I searched my mind for words, but it didn't help that Clarissa raised her eyebrow, clearly amused.

"I wasn't crying. I yawned. So my eyes got watery. Im tired. Im going to take a nap." I quickly hinted for her to exit my room, and turned and rested my head on my light purple pillow.

She stifled a laugh."You know, Louis will never like you." She said as she started to close the door and leave.

"I only like Louis as a friend. I've never had feelings for him. Stop making stuff up Clarissa."

I mumbled still turned away from her. My heart started to pound. Did she really find out about my feelings for Louis? How did she find out? I never told anyone before!

"Stop lying to me. Im your sister. I know more things about you than you know yourself." 

"Ya right ."

Even turned away from her, I knew she was shaking her head and smiling. 

I heard my door close, and heard the faint sound of footsteps disappearing. 

I covered my face with my hands and cried. 

I didn't cry thinking that Clarissa knew about my feelings. I cried because her words hurt so much. The words "Louis will never like you" echoed in my mind. And I cried because I believed it. I took my pillow, buried my face in it, and silently cried.

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