When Three 13 year olds are sent through the rift, from 37 A.D. Camelot, to the future, what will happen? Will Torchwood be able to help? Will they learn to adapt to a 2013 life style? What will happen to them?


3. Travelling

"What is it?" Molly asked. "I don't know. I caught a glimpse of it on horseback, but the prince wouldn't let me get away from the track. I felt something strange when we were hunting, but i didn't know what it was." Bryan said. "Well I've got a guess." I said sarcastically. Molly reached out to grab it, "What are you doing?!" Bryan said as he slapped her hand away. "Don't worry," Molly said, she took her apron off and put it her hands, "I know how to be safe." She grabbed it with an apron covered hand, she held it for a second before she disappeared leaving the orb floating were she was. "Molly?!" I yelled. "Where'd she go?!" I asked. "Into the orb I'm guessing." Bryan said, stoned in shock. "I'm going in after her!" I yelled. i jumped into the orb and Bryan grabbed on to my dress and we went shooting into time. It felt like we were being stretched, burned and our minds were having a fit. We screamed and shook. I dared to open my eyes. The energy we were in burned them, but I could see Molly, a few feet ahead of me, and Bryan hang on to my petticoat for dear life. I screamed "MOLLY!" with all of my might, but there was no sound. I now know that's because there's nothing for the sound to bounce off of, making the trip unbearably silent, except for the whoosh of air going past us at the speed of light. 

We then hit stone, smooth, hard stone.

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