When Three 13 year olds are sent through the rift, from 37 A.D. Camelot, to the future, what will happen? Will Torchwood be able to help? Will they learn to adapt to a 2013 life style? What will happen to them?


2. Time Portal

Ella's P.O.V.


I woke up on a start that day. I had another bad dream, I got up and help my brother set up shop. I then helped my sister make breakfast; which i then ate. I got dressed in my favourite red dress and reported to work. I work for Princess Sophia, she was nice and sweet and had the kindest heart out of anyone I know. When I got to her Chambers she was asleep, which was one of the things she did not do gracefully. I woke her up and got her dressed and served her breakfast. She then gave me my duties and I did them in the right order (I think) before she got back from lessons.  

After I finished my work I opened her chamber doors to see an anxious Bryan. Bryan is one of my closest friends, he was the manservant to Prince Cameron and was the grandson of Merlin. "I need you to come with me!" He said. He then grabbed me and ran, he was stronger than his form let on. We ran down the staircase to the seamstresses room to get Malianor apparently. Malianor or Molly, was my best friend, we were incredibly close; she was the royal seamstresses apprentice. She opened the door and he then grabbed her too and we were then all running down the hallway. 

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Just follow me!" 

We followed him until we were at the gates. "Come on! It's in the forest!" We took his word for it and ran into the forest with him. "Slow down!" Molly and I said, out of breath. "What is it?" "When I was hunting with the Prince, I sensed something not right and I swear I saw something! Come on, we need to find it!" He said. We followed him through the forest until we stopped in a huge clearing. "What is that?" Molly asked. 

In the middle of the clearing was a huge, glowing, blue, floating orb. 

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