When Three 13 year olds are sent through the rift, from 37 A.D. Camelot, to the future, what will happen? Will Torchwood be able to help? Will they learn to adapt to a 2013 life style? What will happen to them?


1. Prologue


Hello, my name is Elvira, but I perfer Ella, and thats what everyone calls me. I live in Camelot, a few years after the great war and after the Pendragon reign. The new royals were the Cinquimonis, and they were maganificent rulers; for Camelot has seen a dark history and  they made a successful kingdom from the rubble that remained. I know, for though I was young, I lived through the dark times of war between Morgan and Arthur, and the kingdom was nearly destroyed with our king dead, our queen gone, and our kingdom burned. It was awful and terrifying and Morgan ruled for almost a year before she was murdered. I was enslaved then and I served her personally, horrible times indeed. Lets forget about that now, here is the story of my adventures through time.


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