Gone With Th1rteen R3aons (Liam Payne)

Shyanne disappeared one year ago.

No one knows where or how she is.

You must think the people who knew her would be sad, right?

Well your wrong.

The day Shyanne disappeared was the day everyone thought their secrets would disappear with her.

They moved on with their life acting as if it never happened, as if they didn't have any secrets to hide from the world.

That was until the day the tapes were sent to 13 people. 13 people who's lives would be changed forever.

13 people who caused Shyanne to disappear.

And you'll never believe who's one of them.


7. Tree House


Gone With Th1rteen R3asons




Chapter 7




Tree House




*Liam's POV*

I couldn't stand to be in this house a moment longer. The tight space closing in on me as I continued to stare at the gold-heart locket in front of me. So much pain echoed through my heart as I remembered so many memories of me and Shyanne.


"Li! Which one do you like?" her soft voice fills my ears

"Why are we here again!?" I whine as I take a look around the jewelry store that we were in

"Oh come on! Stop being a little bitch and come over here!" she said, not amused one bit by her language as she was so use to it herself

A loud sigh left my mouth as I obied her demands and strolled over to her side. In front of us layed ten lockets, each in different shapes and sizes. "Why are you getting this again?" I ask, letting my eyes skim the jewelry

"Because I want to get something to remember our friendship!!! Duh!" she giggled softly shoving me at the same time

"Ok......well....." I say looking at all the lockets

To be honest they all looked the same to me but, my brown eyes caught sight of one that stood out from all the others. The size was pretty decent, the gold was shaped in the form of a heart with a simple diamond in the middle. It was simple but yet perfect for someone like Shyanne, it was unique.

"That one." I point at it

"I thought so too." she smiled at me

<Flashback Ends>

I toss the locket across the room and watched as it bounced against the white walls, dropping to the floor. My breathing quickened as I grabbed the kitchen counter. To much pain filled me as I blinked away tears. 

Without hesitation, I quickly grabbed my white converse and put on my leather jacket. I didn't want to be in a tight space anymore, I needed some fresh air. 

My hands grasped the front door knob before I backed away. 

I almost forgot.

My feet turned the other way and I walked into the garage. There sitting on the wooden table filled with rubbish, was a portable cassette player. It had aged over the years of me not using it, dust grew on it while its color faded but, it still worked and that's all it mattered.

Quickly, I grabbed the old thing and walked into the living room taking out the tape in the stereo and 2 more. I didn't plan on coming back for awhile....

Then I headed out the door, knowing my next destination.


-23 Minutes Later-

The bone chilling cool weather hit my face as I continued to walk down the way too familiar path. Stones, gravel, decaying branches and dead leaves covered the dirt path as my feet walked over them. I should be there soon.

I could tell that my face was already a dark shade of pink from the cold but, I didn't really care. The cassette player and the tapes were held firmly under my arm, it was held so tightly as if my life deepened on those things. It kind of did though, in a way.


I lifted my head to see a cube shaped object hiding between two large oak trees. A big smile apperead on my face, it was still here. The speed in my walking increased as I jogged toward it. Even after a couple of years it still held its 'head' high in the air, not looking as if it aged. It's wood stay perfectly in shape and the door stayed closed tightly just like how we left it. 


Loud creaks left the wooden ladder as I climbed it. It had been a year since I last came here. 


The door still stayed closed with the held of a tight string until I loosened it, letting the door open. Spiderwebs and piles of dust were placed all over the inside. The two beanbag chairs layed in the center, along with the fuzzy black rug. One table was placed to the side and a pile of books, next to two sleeping bags that were rolled up and put to the side. 


Just how we left it.


I took a seat on the blue beanbag chair and just stared at the green one next to it. If she was here with me today she would be sitting there, probably telling me how I should pull my pants up instead of looking like a gangster. A soft chuckle escaped my lips remembering how she would love to tease me about everything.




"Liam are you seriously wearing your pants like that to school!" she laughed, pointing at my slightly sagging jeans


"Ya? Whats the big deal anyway? Everyone does it!" I say, putting my hands on my sides, letting my school bag rest on my shoulder


"You look like one of those gangsters who deal drugs! You are too innocent for that!" she chuckled, tugging on the loop of my jeans


"Hey, hey! No touching my jeans! I like them just the way they are! And no I don't! I look perfectly fine!" I exclaimed, my eyebrows pushed together


"Ya, ya, whatever! Lets go before we are late for school Mr.Saggy." Shyanne smirked, looping her arm around mine


"Oh wow thanks Mrs.Smartmouth." I smirked back


"You're welcome." she winked before we made our way to school


<End Of Flashback>


"Mr.Saggy." I say out loud, another chuckle leaving my mouth


My laughter soon came to an end though, as I looked around at the old tree house that we found together. I wish she was here but, shes not. My brown eyes moved across the room, looking at all the posters that were placed on the walls. From Leona Lewis to Katy Perry posters to The Beatles pictures. It all reminded me of her, the closet I was gonna get. Her parents moved after she disappeared, couldn't accept the fact that her daughter was missing and no one knew where she was. This was the only stuff I had left of her, besides memories.





It was around summer time but slightly cold. The green leaves were everywhere and the branches were actually connected to the trees. Shyanne was walking ahead of me as she talked about how school started in a month, displeasure in her tone. 


"I don't get the point of school! It's so fucking annoying!" Shyanne exclaimed, her hands in the air


I choose to ignore her words and reply "It's not that bad..."


"Maybe to you." 


"Hey! Whats that suppose to mean?" I asked,eyeing her from the behind


"Nothing Mr.Payne, nothing at all." she chuckled before running off 


"SHYANNE!" I screamed before I ran after her


"Catch me if you can Li!" she snickered before picking up her speed


My converse hit the dirt on the ground as I tried to catch up with her. Her brown curly hair floating in the air at the same time. She was fast but, not fast enough. Shyanne made one last turn before my arm wrapped around her waist, her reaction being a loud shreek.


"Put me down! Put me down!" she yelled, a big smile planted on her face


I listen to her commands and put her down, before something caught my eye. High in the sky laid a tree house between two oak trees. 


"Well look at that." Shyanne whispered


"Should we go and check it out?" I ask curiously


I felt her small hand grab mine before her fingers intertwined with mine. "Hell ya."


<End Of Flashback>


The corners of my mouth lifted upwards, causing a small smile to form on my lips. After we found this tree house we continued to come here everyday, filling it up with our stuff. It was our new hangout.


My eyes soon landed on the cassette player and the tapes under my arm before I let out a loud sigh that I had been holding in for awhile. I knew I wanted to listen to the tapes.......


so I clicked play and listened.



"Sam Rocky, you kissed me. You fucking kissed me!!!!" Shyanne squeals in excitement


"Never in a million years did I EVER expect this to happen." I hear her smile through her words


"That kiss....was something special, better than I imagined. Your lips were slightly chapped and I could taste a hint of mint radiating from them. It took me awhile to adjust what you were doing before I gladly kissed back." 


"I'll admit, the kiss was pretty fucking amazing." I hear her chuckle from the other end


"My hands grasped onto your hair as your laid on my waist. It didn't take that much before the kiss turned into a full make out session. You shoved me against the wall and kissed me with full action, tongue included." 


"It was about maybe five to seven minutes before we pulled away gasping for air. Your hair was now sticking up in multiple places. Sam you looked like a raged person." Shyanne loudly chuckles


"We didn't say anything afterwards, just stared at each other, like we didn't know what to say. Well, I didn't really but I don't know if you did." she admits


"It turned around 11pm before I finally broke the silence. I had to go back home because of the school that would occur the next day."


"I didn't say anything beside I have to go, when I grabbed my school bag and hoisted it up onto my shoulders."


Silence filled the air as I wait for he to continue. I didn't feel comfortable hearing about Sam but, I sucked it up.


"I just about grabbed the door knob of your room before you pushed me against the wall yet again and kissed me another time. Of course I didn't hesitate to kiss back again, my second kiss in one day, fuck ya." she bragged


"You finally pulled away and looked into my eyes and spoke five words that caused me to spazz secretly inside."


" I really like you Shyanne, those were the five words." 


"I nearly choked on my own saliva hearing those words! SAM ROCKY ACTUALLY LIKED ME!" she shouted into the recording


"I remember standing there like a complete idiot, not sure of what to say. Words and words spinning into my head before I had the courage to say anything else."


"I like you too."


"But little did I know, that my relationship with you would take a turn Sam Rocky."


"A turn that went in the wrong direction."

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