Gone With Th1rteen R3aons (Liam Payne)

Shyanne disappeared one year ago.

No one knows where or how she is.

You must think the people who knew her would be sad, right?

Well your wrong.

The day Shyanne disappeared was the day everyone thought their secrets would disappear with her.

They moved on with their life acting as if it never happened, as if they didn't have any secrets to hide from the world.

That was until the day the tapes were sent to 13 people. 13 people who's lives would be changed forever.

13 people who caused Shyanne to disappear.

And you'll never believe who's one of them.


6. The Locket

Gone With Th1rteen R3asons




Chapter 6




The Locket.




*Liam's POV*


My large hands cup around my face as I bury myself in them. Anger washed through me as I absorbed the words that I just heard on the stereo. The thought of Shyanne, my best friend, kissing someone made me cringe.


Especially if that someone was Sam Rocky.


Sam Rocky wasn't technically a guy that would keep relationships. His personality was to meet a girl, date them, break up with them and find another girl in his path. It is a constant cycle that he never seemed to break, until he met Shyanne. Word travels fast when you find out that Sam Rocky is dating someone, word that people think that isn't going to last long.


I wasn't there at the time they started dating but, now I can tell you one  things for sure, Sam isn't a guy who sticks around with one girl. He stays with a girl at least a week, two weeks tops.


When Sam's and Shyanne's relationship lasted for months people were surprised.


Sam was actually staying with someone.


No one knows why it ended their relationship, not even her best friend, me. The look on her face when she told me it was over showed that she didn't want to talk about.


She just wanted to leave it alone, forget about the past and move on into the future, live the present. She wanted to do anything to forget about her relationship with him. Never did I ever think that it would lead to something........like.....this.


A reason for her disappearance.


My mind travels to all the moments and reasons of what Sam might have done to her but, the only thing that could pop into my mind was the simple word,




I was eager to know why and I was eager to know where I was placed on the tapes. My left hand reaches for the 'play' button calling my name before, the sound of my phone ringing fills the silence in my house. A loud sigh leaves my mouth as I know I will have to wait for a little bit before I could listen to the rest of the tape. I slowly step up from my sitting position and head towards the electronic device ringing like crazy.


"Hello?" I say once I answer


"Mr.Payne, congratulations you won a fr-" was all I had to hear before I quickly hit the end button


Stupid telemarketers.


Just as I was about to enter the room again that contained the tapes, a small box caught my brown orbs before doing so. 


A thread of gold ribbon held the box together as the words 'Shyanne & Liam Forever' stayed written in neat cursive on the lid. My finger shake slightly as I reach towards the box. I'm craving to see her face, to hold her hand again, to hug her again, to hear laugh in person, for her to be here with me.


Right next to me.


I feel the formation of mostiure fill up on the brim of my eyes. That one belonging that I had left of her was in front of me.


My fingers clasp the gloden riibbon and tug on it slightly, letting it fall off. The lid came off as soon as my  fingers flicked it off to the side.


What was inside was what was the most important thing to me.


A locket.


A golden fadly aged, heart locket. 



The locket that held a picture of each other laughing at the camera. We were so happy, so carefree. This locket was the only thing that showed me the happy Shyanne.


This locket was the one thing that Shyanne left behind the day she disapperead.

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