Gone With Th1rteen R3aons (Liam Payne)

Shyanne disappeared one year ago.

No one knows where or how she is.

You must think the people who knew her would be sad, right?

Well your wrong.

The day Shyanne disappeared was the day everyone thought their secrets would disappear with her.

They moved on with their life acting as if it never happened, as if they didn't have any secrets to hide from the world.

That was until the day the tapes were sent to 13 people. 13 people who's lives would be changed forever.

13 people who caused Shyanne to disappear.

And you'll never believe who's one of them.


9. Sam and Liam

Gone With Th1rteen R3asons




Chapter 9




Sam and Liam




*Third POV*

There he sat, in the bean bag chair with his fists in the grip of the impossible. The brim of his knuckles turning white as he heaved in big breaths. Images of Sam and Shyanne together floated through his mind. Stomach churning, he felt as if he might puke any second.

Liam was pissed.

The thought of Sam touching her made him even more sick. The fact that he took away her innocence as a game made him sicker. 

Sicker and pissed, not a great combination for Liam Payne.

Getting up from his position, he swung open the door, his adrenaline kicking in, he made it to the ground in a matter of seconds. And with that Liam ran.

He ran the fastest he ever did in his life.

He ran the fastest he ever did in his life to one place in particular.

Sam's house.


The black gated fence came into view, along with the great white mansion. Liam's pace slowed by barely. So much adrenaline was flowing through his body and he couldn't wait to take it on one boy in particular. 

A gate guard stood in a small glass box, his elbows propped on a counter while his cheek rested on his hands. The navy blue cap stood firmly placed on his bald head, his eye lids covering his iris's. A bit of drool hung from his bottom lip as soft snores left the guards mouth. Running past the glass box, Liam climbed over the high black gate, not caring that he ripped his jeans near the knee in the process.

Dashing through the green newly wet grass, he passed by a large fountain that made the sound of a river and just to top it all off, a limo. A black large stretched limo stood in from of the Rocky residence. Just looking at the property you could automatically tell-the where absolutely and positively rich.

Skipping two stairs at time, Liam banged against the cream colored front door. Ringing and banging on the door, definitely catching peoples attention. 

"DAMN IT SAM! OPEN THE DOOR!" the raged boy screamed, kicking the door with his foot

The door soon swung open, revealing an elderly man with bright white hair. A black and white uniform covered his body from head to toe, holding a silver tray with a single white towel on it. Liam didn't have time to notice the butler as he pushed away the man, running up the stairs.

"SIR! COME DOWN STAIRS BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!" the butler shouted but Liam rolled his eyes, not giving what anyone said at that moment

For he could only see one face at that time and the many things he could do to that face.

Walking down the oak wood floors, he opened white door after white door, looking for that one face in mind. "Where the hell are you?" Liam shouted, breath becoming even more unsteady



A high pitched giggle replied to Liam from the last door at the end of the hall. Eyebrow's knit together, fists clenched, Liam barged in. No, he didn't seem to care to knock at all.



"Oh Sam!" the female giggled, followed by a shriek when she noticed a pissed Liam standing by the door



The female was a bleach blonde, bright blue eyes and tanned body. Pencil drawn eyebrows placed above her eyes as she scrambled off the body she was straddling. Taking notice that she only contained a g-string and non-helping bra, Liam shook her off, focusing on the man in front of him with only the thin material of boxers covering him.



"Get your arse off that chair." Liam spat at Sam, taking one big stride towards him



"You want a turn?" Sam chuckled, running his fingers through his hair



The female crowded in the corner, using a blanket to cover her almost body. Sam on the other hand, slowly got up, mouth open and ready to speak. Liam didn't give him time though, oh no. He just let his fist do what he wanted to do for the past hour. 



Soon, the room with filled with the sound of a skin coming in contact with bone and a loud pitched shriek.  "YOU BASTARD!" Liam screamed, tears at the brim of his eyes as he hit him again



"You watched the tapes didn't you?" Sam's eyes filled with amusement as he sat on the ground, waiting for Liam to hit him again



"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HER?" Liam roared, kicking Sam in the stomach



"Say's the best friend." Sam said calmly, like the kick didn't hurt him what-so-ever



Taking a deep breath, he spoke again. "Shut up. You did the unthinkable you arsehole. How could you do that to Shyanne?" he exhaled, surprised he could say her name out loud without breaking down



"So did you. I'm not the only one who did the unthinkable. Right Liam?" Sam smirked



"Shut up!" he screamed, covering his ears with his hands



"YOU DID WORSE!" he screeched, feeling a tear fall



"Oh poor Liam. You haven't gotten to your reason yet have you?"



"IT CAN'T BE AS BAD AS YOURS!" Liam screamed, hands still over ears, a few more tears slipping



Images of Shyanne came through his mind, he couldn't take it anymore. Shyanne was gone and he didn't know why. He was slowly dying inside.



"Please." Sam scoffed, rolling his eyes



One hand left his ear as it came in contact with Sam's nose. A weird sound of cracking could be heard before a red river came gushing out. 


"NO!" Liam screamed, acting like a child



His reason couldn't be as bad as Sam's. It couldn't be worse than taking away her innocence for a bet. Right?



"You bastard!" Sam harshly spoke, blood dripping off his chin



"You deserved it!" Liam's eyes narrowed, ready to take another hit



"EMILY!" Sam shouted, looking directly at the girl in the corner, Liam forgetting she was there



"Go get me the first aid kit, now." he directed, watching the blonde girl nodding before leaving



The second the door closed, Sam got up, facing the poor boy who lost a best friend. "Now you listen here Liam buddy." he spoke, this time his eyes narrowed



"You can blame me for that stupid shit of taking away her virginity but, you to lad did shit to her too. Don't just blame me for the reason she's not here." Sam continued



"My reason can't be as bad as yours." Liam spoke again



"And that's where your wrong." Sam smirked



"Your reason is just as bad as mine mate." 



"No, its not." Liam spoke, sounding as if he was trying to convince himself



"Tell me when you listen to all the tapes. Tell me what you think then." Sam spat, blood hitting Liam's face



Hobbling towards the door, he left Liam in wonder.



What DID he do to his best friend?

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