Gone With Th1rteen R3aons (Liam Payne)

Shyanne disappeared one year ago.

No one knows where or how she is.

You must think the people who knew her would be sad, right?

Well your wrong.

The day Shyanne disappeared was the day everyone thought their secrets would disappear with her.

They moved on with their life acting as if it never happened, as if they didn't have any secrets to hide from the world.

That was until the day the tapes were sent to 13 people. 13 people who's lives would be changed forever.

13 people who caused Shyanne to disappear.

And you'll never believe who's one of them.


4. Cassette 1 Side A (Part 2)

Gone With Th1rteen R3asons




Chapter 4




Cassette 1 Side A (Part 2)




*Third POV*


"Trish Reenly." Shyanne's voice repeated


"You were my first friend that I met when I moved here." you can hear Shyanne chuckle


"I don't know why but when I first met you I felt a quick connection between us. Not one of those romance connections, god no, but one of those 'best friends' type connections." Shyanne muffled voice continued


In the corner of your eye you could see Liam fighting the urge to cry. He really was good friends with her, the closest.


"I remember how we first met, I was sitting on one of the swings at the park doing nothing. I wasn't really fond of moving here, it wasn't anything close to what my flat was like in downtown London. My feet were dangling from the swing like a little drag doll and my red converses kicked the dirt beneath me. The little me thought there was nothing fun to do in a place like this."


You could see Liam start to fidget around in his seat. Everything about him scream 'anxious'. I mean who wouldn't feel like that at I time like this?


"I was starring up at the sky, in my own world until I heard your voice. From this day I still remember every word that you said to me." Shyanne sighs


"Get out of my swing."


"Those were the very first words that you told me. I was one of those stubborn children and didn't like to share and neither did you. I guess that's one thing that made us alike." she says as a pause fills up in the air


"No, get your own swing, was my reply and you could tell those words made you mad. You didn't like it when people ever disagreed with you, you were always use to people agreeing with you." Shyanne snickers


"I don't know why but even though you were mad at me for saying those words, you said something that I didn't expect, you asked me to be your friend. At first I thought you were joking that you were trying to get me out of your so called swing but, when I looked up at your eyes I could see that you weren't lying, you really wanted to be my friend."


"My instincts was telling me to say no but the rest on me was saying yes. I just moved here and had no friends so I went with the simple answer and said yes. I remember the smile on your face as I said this, it was full of joy. Back then I thought we were going to be good friends and last forever. What can I say? I was only 4."


The cassette hummed a bit before Shyanne's soft voiced filled the speakers.


"If only then I knew back then what would happen in the near future because of me simply saying yes."


An thick eye brow goes up on Liam's face as he listened carefully to every single word that Shyanne said. His bum at the edge of his seat and his ear near the speakers, making sure to catch every word that left her mouth.


"Over the years we continue to stay close, so close that people called us two peas in a pod." Shyanne laughs


"We were both changing in so many ways."


"My light brown hair turned dark, I grew taller the usual stuff but, for you it was different. Everything about you changed. That funny girl that didn't care what people think started to become the total opposite. You started to dye your black hair blonde, your beautiful green eyes were covered up with blue contacts. The normal jeans and t-shirt were replaced with short skirts and tank top. But despite all of that, you started to ignore me at school." Shyanne continued


"I didn't think at the time it was a big deal but now that I think about it, maybe if I was just a bit smarter, you wouldn't be on this list." Shyanne admitted


"One day I thought it would be a normal day, I walked to school, went to my classes, the usual. Everything was going normal until the clock struck 11:45am. I was wearing my new shorts and I was happy. That's when I saw you coming my way with a group of girls you used to hate. At first I thought you were just going to ignore me like every other day but, today was different."


"You came up to me with a huge smirk planted on your face. Hey Shyanne was the first words you said to me in a long time. Laughter filled the air as those words left your mouth. My face was covered in confusion as I didn't know what was going on."


"Hey what's up? I asked trying to be nice. I could tell you were up to something but I couldn't tell."


"Oh nothing but I just thought, aren't those too short? You said pointing at my new article of clothing."


"I didn't know how to reply, I mean they weren't that short they were longer then what most girls wore at this school but, I didn't have to answer, you answered for me."


"I'll make them longer."


"That's what you told me before pulling down my shorts." you hear Shyanne choke


"To this day I still remember the laughter and the pointing at me as I just stood there looking like an idiot. At that point I knew you weren't the same Trish I met when I was 4."


"That day I ran home and cried my eyes out not wanting to face the school the next day."


Sadness and anger was filled up in Liam's face. His knuckles were white as he gripped onto the side of his chair.


"I didn't know this but, that day was just the beginning. The beginning of the list in my hand."


"Trish Reenly. You made my life in  


middle school something I will never forget. I hope your happy. Happy with yourself that I got called names and no one dared talk to me worried that something similar would happen to them."


"Trish Reenly you were the start of all of this." Shyanne whispered


"Mr. Sam Rocky your next in line." Shyanne's voice says finally before the tapes ends


Silence fills the air around Liam. The look on his face was priceless.


Just wait to see the look on his face


For the reason why he's on Shyannes list.


It's something that he forgot.


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