Gone With Th1rteen R3aons (Liam Payne)

Shyanne disappeared one year ago.

No one knows where or how she is.

You must think the people who knew her would be sad, right?

Well your wrong.

The day Shyanne disappeared was the day everyone thought their secrets would disappear with her.

They moved on with their life acting as if it never happened, as if they didn't have any secrets to hide from the world.

That was until the day the tapes were sent to 13 people. 13 people who's lives would be changed forever.

13 people who caused Shyanne to disappear.

And you'll never believe who's one of them.


2. Cassette 1 Side A (Part 1)

Gone With Th1rteen R3asons




Chapter 2




~Cassette 1 Part A (Part 1)~





~Present Day~

*Liams POV*



I quickly snap out of my thoughts and come back to reality.




"Could you please sign here Sir." the delivery man said annoyed handing me a clipboard


I signed my usual signature before handing the brown clipboard back to him.


"Here you go Sir. Have a nice day." the man says before walking back to his delivery truck


I look to see what he's handed over to me. In my arms was a cardboard box covered in duct tape with a note stuck on top of it. 



To- Liam Payne 

From- Yours Truly 



My mind ponder around wondering who it was from.


I walked into my kitchen to grab a pair of scissors. The blade cut across the duct tape making a loud ripping noise that filled the empty house.


Piles of bubble wrap left the box immediately as I opened it. I removed the rest to find a pile of




I lifted up each cassette, carefully, to see that they each had two numbers on each written in white out.


The numbers going through 1-13.

The last cassette held only one number.




Was this some kind of joke?


Who sends cassettes to someone with numbers on them?


I emptied out the cardboard box looking for any sign of a card or anything but came empty handed.


I look at the cassette in my hand.




Was written on it.


"I guess I'll give this a shot." I say to myself, walking into the clean living room


I walk up to my stereo and place the in the first tape.


Here goes nothing......



"Hey guys! Remember me? It's Shyanne! Right here on stereo." her soft voice filled up the speakers


My body froze on the spot. This can't be real. Shyanne, this can't be her.


"I hope you're ready, because I'm about to tell you the story of my life, right to the day I disappeared. If you were one of the lucky people who received my tapes, then guess what?


You're one of the reasons why I'm gone."


I feel my heartbeat start to increase rapidly and my palms start to sweat. What was she talking about?


"Right now I'm not going to say which tape brings you into the story. But fear not, if you received this box, your name will be here.


I promise."


I'm in the tape? No.


"The rules to this are pretty simple. There are only three.


Rule Number One, you listen.


Rule Number Two, don't talk about this


Rule Number Three, don't find me.


Hopefully these rules will be easy to follow.


When you are done listening to all thirteen sides of my story, rewind the tapes and put them back into the box, and burn them.


Burn them into ashes.


There's no point in keeping them after you have listened because we all know you don't want to listen to them again.


Oh and did I forget to mention? Lucky number thirteen you take these tapes straight to your grave."


I feel my head start to spin as I continue to hear her voice, her soft voice. I've missed it for so long and know I have to hear it knowing that I was part of the reason why she was gone.


This can't be real.


"If you are tempted to break these tapes, you should know that twelve other people will learn your secret. So I would be tempted to listen to them, wanting to figure out what you did to be apart of this.


Don't take me for granted.......again."


Again? What did I do wrong?


"Oh! I almost forgot inside the tiny piece of paper attached to a box that contains a key.


A key that unlocks many things in my life.


A key that you know have.


So lets get started!


Ready Trish Reenly?


Cause your the first person on my list."



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