Lost & Found

Peyton Taylor had known Liam Payne before he'd become famous. Their mothers had been best friends since high school, so when Peyton and Liam came along, they became best friends too.

Somewhere along the way of growing up, Liam and Peyton eventually develop feelings for each other and start dating. But one day Peyton decides to move to America, leaving a confused and brokenhearted Liam behind in Wolverhampton, where they grew up together.

Deciding that he is going back on The X Factor to go after his dream, he makes it through and ends up in a boy band called One Direction who become internationally known and very popular.

One day Louis meets Peyton, the girl who left Liam behind several years earlier, but the question still remains: Why did Peyton leave in the first place and why didn't she tell Liam?

On a hunt to find out the truth about the girl that stole his heart, Liam comes across a secret that will change everything in his life forever.


3. Chapter Two

Hola people! Ha, well here's your chappie and I tried to make it extra long for you! 

Well, there's a certain part in this chappie where a song sets the mood for it perfectly so I put it in the sidebar over there--------->

Enjoy! xx


I ran right into Louis freaking Tomlinson. Also know as Louis from the band One Direction. The band Liam got put into on The X Factor. Great.

"I'm so sorry, love." Louis said in his thick Doncaster accent.

"It's fine. I wasn't really paying attention anyway." I said, looking into the blue-green eyes everyone seemed to be in love with.

"If I'm being honest, neither was I." Louis said, rubbing the back of his neck in what I assume to be embarrassment. How cute. Ha, yeah I'm sleep deprived and I need coffee.

"I can tell! Well, I need to go get my friend Sasha and I's coffee so we can get to work today." I told him in a monotone to express how super, incredibly excited I was for it. He laughed and gave a tiny nod.

"What kind of work are you guys doing today?" He asked curiously.

"Well, we just moved here from America so we have to get the house ready before someone else comes to stay." I tell him honestly but vaguely touching on who will be coming later in the week.

"But your accent sounds British." He said, slightly confused. I just laughed and said:

"I'm from Wolverhampton. I moved to America two years ago and just moved back." I told him, a small smile on my face. Louis, however, had a look of enlightenment on his face. It was funny.

"Oh. Well, would you and Sasha like some help?" Louis asked me politely.

"Help from who?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well, me, of course but also my best mates Harry and Niall." Louis said, motioning towards two boys on the other side of the coffee shop. They were dressed in black hoodies, sunglasses and jeans. I'm pretty sure they were trying to disguise themselves. Which was understandable.

"So you offering the help of three-fifths of One Direction?" I asked Louis, whose eyes got really round in shock.

"Are you a fan?" He asked and I had to take a couple seconds to think about it before I answered him.

Was I a fan? Sure, I liked their music and I keep up with them, mostly because of Liam, but I didn't stalk them. Nor did I fan girl whenever I saw them. Obviously.

"I guess so. I like your music and I keep up with your events and such but I do not stalk you guys or freak out when I see you." I told him and he smiled a smile of relief. I guess he was afraid I would freak out. Well he was wrong.

"Well good. Now we will definitely help you guys set up your flat." Louis told me and motioned for the two boys to come over here. When they reached us, Louis explained to them how they were going to help us.

"That sounds great. What's your name love?" Harry asked in his slow, thick Cheshire accent.

"I'm Peyton and once we get back to my flat, you will meet Sasha." I told them and they nodded.

Once I told them directions on how to get to my flat, we parted ways so they could drive and I started to walk back. They offered me a ride, but I refused, saying that I needed the fresh air. Which wasn't a lie.

Once I got back to my flat, the boys pulled up right behind me and got out, following me up the walkway towards the front door.

When we got inside, I immediately set the coffee down on the marble countertops in the kitchen and walked towards the living room where Sasha was still asleep. Time to wake up the bear. Oh joy.

I cautiously walked towards her and lightly shook her.

"Sash, I got coffee and a surprise for you. Get up." I told her quietly.

"No." She mumbled and after a few more failed attempts at getting her up, I finally just stopped being nice.

I got down close to her ear and made sure I had a good grip on the blanket she was laying on.

"GET UP!" I screamed and yanked the blanket out from under her, causing her to flip over. Well, that worked better than I thought. It was also incredibly funny. I bit my lip to keep from laughing at her but when the boys started laughing, I couldn't contain it anymore. I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe and once she got up, I handed her the coffee she ordered and said:

"So nice of you to join us." I said with a smirk.

"What do you mean by 'us'?" She asked and I just looked at her. Was she really that stupid? Apparently so because she still didn't get it. Sighing I decided to explain it to her.

"Well, Sasha, since you obviously didn't see the three boys standing in the room, I will introduce them. This is Louis, Niall and Harry. Three-fifths of One Direction and they are going to help us today." I told her and when she finally noticed the boys, her eyes got wide and her face broke out into a broad smile.

"Holy pee! One Direction is in our flat! Whoo!" She screamed, causing me to throw a pillow at her face and telling her to shut up. She then smiled sheepishly and drank her coffee while I took the boys on a tour of the house.

The house was two story and had four bedrooms and six bathrooms in it. Each bedroom had an adjoined bathroom and there was one downstairs and an extra one upstairs as well. The master bedroom, which was mine, had a window seat and a walk-in closet. The bathroom had a shower and a jet tub in it. Sasha's bedroom was almost exactly the same. The only thing she didn't have was the jet tub. Damien's room had a small bathroom in it and a window seat but that was it. The guest bedroom had a window seat and a bathroom with a shower and bathtub but it wasn't as amazing as mine or Sasha's.

Once I showed them around, we headed back downstairs where Sasha was and we got started on painting all the rooms. My room will be painted a dark teal color with white trim and my bathroom and closet will both be grey. Sasha, on the other hand, is painting three walls white and one blue and her bathroom is going to be painted blue too.  As for Damien's room, I was making it Batman themed. He loves Batman...Just like his dad. Damn it Peyton! Now you feel sad because you thought about Liam.


Once we prepped the walls in all the rooms, I thought about the best and fastest way to get this done. I'm pretty sure we could put two people in each room so four people will work on two rooms and the last person can work on a bathroom. After coming up with this plan, I share it with everyone else an Sasha immediately goes off with Harry and they take her bedroom, leaving me with Niall and Louis. Decisions, decisions.

"Well, I'm down for working on the bathroom." Niall said, surprising me. Where's a Staples button when you need one?

Ha, anyway, Louis and I head for my bedroom and start there while Niall starts on my bathroom. Score for teamwork! Anyway, while we were working, I plugged up my iPhone to the dock and put my music on shuffle and we spent the day singing and being crazy while painting my house.


Niall, Louis and Harry stayed with us all week to help us paint and set up the furniture. Once the house was done, we had a lot of paint left over and I didn't want to waste it, so I came up with an idea.

Grabbing all of the paint, Sasha, Harry, Niall, Louis and myself got into the car and headed off to my dance studio.

Once we got there, I walked into the dance studio that I would be teaching in and took the lids off all the paint and wen Louis least expected it, I dipped my hand in the paint and threw it at him, creating red splatters all over his white T-shirt. Oh yeah, we were all wearing white T-shirts so that we could 'decorate' them.

Anyway, once I did that, we all burst out into full on paint war mode. There was paint flying everywhere and I'm pretty sure more paint got on us than the walls. It was pretty epic.

Once the paint ran out, I had blue, red, yellow and just about every color imaginable on my shirt, along with 'Tommo' written in blue paint across my shoulder blades. I wonder who did that one? *cough, cough Louis cough cough* Anyway, after the paint war, we all decided to head back to mine so we could shower and then decided we would go out to Nandos to eat and celebrate getting the house done.

When it was my turn to shower, I stripped down and got in. While I was washing my hair with my favorite coconut scented shampoo, a song popped into my head and, without thinking, I started to sing it.

She captures her reflection then she throws the mirror to the floor

Her image is distorted screaming is it worth it anymore


Are you scared of the things that they might put you through

Does it make you wanna hide the inner you

I kept on singing the song and by the time I got done singing it, I had washed my hair and body, so I got out and dried off, putting on some black leggings, a long blue sequined shirt and some matching blue Keds.

Heading back downstairs after drying my black curly hair and putting it up into a bow bun, I was not expecting the shocked expressions on everyone's face. What just happened?

"You can sing?" Louis asked and my eyes got big and round in shock.

"You heard that?" I asked, really shocked that I was that loud.

"Yes and it was really good. Not many people can pull off Little Mix, but you did." Niall said in his signature Irish accent, causing me to blush at the sudden compliment.

"Thanks." I said quietly, looking down at my shoes to avoid their stares.

Just then Nialls stomach started to growl, causing everyone to laugh and head towards the door, momentarily forgetting about my singing.


Sup guys! This would've been up last night but my computer decided to turn off on me so I lost the chapter! I feel like this one isn't as good as the other one but oh well... I did my best! This chapter is also probably reallyyyy boring but hang in there! Next chapter will be VERY interesting! :) Tell me what you think is going to happen! xx

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