I Would*~

Jenna Secklar Is Just Your Average 17 Year Old Girl,Boring Life. No boyfriend. No Friends. Empty House,Just Her And Her Dogs. It All Changes When She Meets A Mystery Guy By The Name Of...


1. They Dont Know About Us~*



                                                                     jennas p.o.v


it was a windy night in new York. As I made my way down the quiet street towards my flat,I felt as if I was being followed.

when I turned around there was nothing there except the friendly glow of the street lamp. I turned back around and continued walking,as soon as I turned the corner I was shoved against the cold brick wall  In a dark alleyway. I couldn't see the mans face due to my pitch black surroundings,but I could make out his structure in the moonlight.

He was tall,and very fit,he had dark hair and dark eyes,he was wearing a black V-neck a leather jacket,skinny jeans and some vans.

his grip on my wrists tightened snapping my attention back to my situation,he was inches away from my face,i could smell his minty breath as he exhaled,fanning it across my face.

He was so beautiful,the way his jawbone clenched and unclenched..wait..what..

"Are you done staring at me?"he growled

"huh? oh..yeah..what do you want from me? who are you?. Why are you here?" I was gonna keep rambling away until his hand clamped over my mouth

"I want you to come with me.." he said getting closer and pulling me into his warm body"it doesn't matter who I am or what I want,your coming with me and that's all you need to know,got it?"

I was too scared to fight back so instead I choked out,"y-you cant make me,y-your a complete stranger and I refuse to go ANY where with you." I tried to get out of his grasp but that just made him grip my waist tighter,if I wasn't for him trying to kid nap me,i probly would've enjoyed being this close to him. it almost made me feel safe,but I knew I wasn't. not with him.

he chuckled lightly and continued"im zayn,and your coming with me,babe."






So that's it for my first chapter. hope you like it! Give me feedback

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