I Would*~

Jenna Secklar Is Just Your Average 17 Year Old Girl,Boring Life. No boyfriend. No Friends. Empty House,Just Her And Her Dogs. It All Changes When She Meets A Mystery Guy By The Name Of...


2. Save You*

Chapter Two:

He pulled me to his black Mercedes benz and pushed me inside. once he did so he walked over to the drivers side sliding himself into hi seat and starting the egnition. Something about this boy made my heart skip a beat but at the same time scared the wits out've me. Once I finally found my voice I said

"where are we going?"

"You'll see,love."

Surprisingly I found the courage to stand up for myself.

"I don't like your cockiness,Now tell me,where are we going?" I did think I had the right to know.he was a complete stranger who was just sending me mixed signals. And apparently he knows exactly who I am. Meaning he knows about my past..Which means he must know about..

"You work for him don't you?"

He laughed "Of course not,but I know who does,and im sent to be your protector." he smiled reveiling his perfect teeth and adorable yet mysterious smile and continued"consider me your superman?"

he looked into my eyes,i looked back into his tryiong to find any sign of emotion,there was mixed emotions behind his beautiful eyes. he must've realized what I was trying to do because he cleared his throat and looked away.

--*a few awkward minutes in silence later*--

"Here we are."

"What this place?" I asked.

"Its Our flat." he mumbled 'our'

"Exuse me? our?" I said a little taken back.

He chuckled lightly and spoke "Not our as in you and me,i mean our as in me and the boys."

"Uhg you mean theres more?" I snapped

"Yes,love. But don't worry,they aren't like me.." he trailed off and I felt bad for the way I had acted.

I decided to brush it off and say "Do they Know about me? and..him?"

"We know everything,we'll take care of you,you need to stay here with us until further notice."

"But what about my things? MY DOGS! oh my gosh I have to go back to my flat!"

"Calm down,love,we have that taken care of."

"Okay,but will you introduce me to the rest of the boys now? im a little cold."

"sure thing,lets go."


so that's chapter two,hope you like?


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