I Would*~

Jenna Secklar Is Just Your Average 17 Year Old Girl,Boring Life. No boyfriend. No Friends. Empty House,Just Her And Her Dogs. It All Changes When She Meets A Mystery Guy By The Name Of...


4. I Wish~*



"Dare." I answered confidently

"Okay,i dare you to..Lick ice-cream off of zayns abs!" Harry said before busting out laughing.

"Okay.Wheres the ice cream?" I asked seriously

"Wait..Youre seriously about to do that?" Harry suddenly became more calm.


"Yeahhhh,i was dared wasn't I?" I said with a wink before Louis came back putting ice cream on zayns stomach,he scareamed because of how cold it was causing me to giggle. "Okay,love,there ya go!"


I tried to hold in my laughter while doing my dare but it was too hard as soon as I was done I started laughing my ass off.
I looked over at harry who seemed a little pissed but I shook it off and continued with the game."Umm..zayn! Truth or dare?" 

"Dare." he replied.

"Okay,i dare you to..stop smoking." I said

He looked as if he was thinking about something for a while,but instead he said"I think ill sleep in the tub.."

After a few more rounds of truths and dares we decided to go to bed.Zayn walked to the bathroom where the tub is and I followed him.

"Zayn?" I asked

"Yes?" he replied

"You Shouldn't have to sleep in here it was a stupid dare."

he chuckled and said "I know,but ruled are rules aye?"

I was about to walk out before I said "Well,you shouldn't have to be alone then." I said while turning around and joining him I got comfortable on one side of the tub. I began shivering and he noticed

"Cold?" he asked

I just nodded my head in reply. "Then come here."

I reluctantly crawled over to him and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer to him his warmth absorbing me

I fell into a deep sleep that night

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