I Would*~

Jenna Secklar Is Just Your Average 17 Year Old Girl,Boring Life. No boyfriend. No Friends. Empty House,Just Her And Her Dogs. It All Changes When She Meets A Mystery Guy By The Name Of...


3. C'mon C'mon~

As soon as I stepped through the door Zayn lead me to the living room where all eyes were on me. Zayn protectively put his arm around my waist and spoke..

"Lads this is Jenna,Jenna this is Harry.." He said while pointing to a curly haired green eyed boy,he winked and smiled in response.."Niall,Louis,and Liam" The rest of the boys waved. After we were done with our hellos I took a seat on the couch in between Zayn and Harry. Something about these two made me want to be around them more.

then realization hit me.."Zayn?"

"yes love?"

"Where will I be sleeping?"



Then Harry screams "With meeee!!"

"What?! no,haz! shes mine." zayn said sternly.

"Aww man.." harry slumped back onto the couch beside me

I reached over and patted his curls,'its okay harry,we can hangout some other time."He then winked at me causing me to blush a little I turned back to zayn and said"and what makes me yours?"

"I found you didn't I?" he winked and turned back to the t.v.

"Oooo! I have an amazayn idea!" Louis screamed at the top of his lungs

"Well? What is it?!" Niall yelled in response

"LETS HAVE A SLEEPOVER PARTY! WE CAN PLAY GAMES AND STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND WATCH MOVIES!" By now this strange manchild was jumping all around the room

Liam spoke up and said "I have to go out with dani but you guys enjoy yourselves,Bye jenna,ill see you around,bye lads have fun."

"Well,there goes one fifth of one direction.." I mumbled

"What was that?" niall asked


"She said 1/5 of ONE DIRECTION she knows who we areee!" harry screamed most likely busting my eardum

"Who doesn't?" I replied sassily.

"OOOHH I think I like this girl" Louis said,snapping his fingers in a Z formation

By then I lost it and I was on the floor laughing with niall,i think zayn was the only one who hadn't lost his cool.So I decided to jump on him and take him to the floor with me,causing him to land on top of me,i started laughing until I realized  he was inching closer to me,i didn't know how to react until he jumped off of me and said "Your it!"
"Aww not fair!" I yelled

"Guys,Guys,Lets play truth or dare."Niall said

"Sounds good to me." harry said smiling at me causing his dimples to stick out,i swear this boy is a charmer.

We all sat down in a circle and began the game.

"So before we start,what are the rules?" I asked

"Well,first off,whoever doesn't do their dare has to sleep in the tub."

"okay,deal."said winking

harry chuckled and looked down,then said "okay,ill go first,jenna,truth or dare?"


second chapter,i haven't figured out who I want jenna to be with yet,its between zayn and harry.

vote in the comments or kik me: kirstin_marie

Stay Beautiful xx(:



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