One Thing

"I think I love him." I say. "Then go for him." Jesy says.


4. Talking

Jesy's POV

We were all hanging out, then I started texting Niall. 


So seriously, who do you like????



Jesy, If you tell I will never speak to you again, because I really like her!



I won't tell her! Just tell me!



I don't know....






Fine! Fine! It's Leigh Anne alright!



Niall! She likes you too!!!!





It was 1:00 in the morning. "Let's go swimming!!!!!!" Jade says. "Yeah!" Perrie says. We all go change into our swimsuits. I put on my hot pink one. Jade but on her flamingo one. Perrie but on a sparkly blue one. And Leigh Anne put on her chevron lime green one. We run outside and jump into the pool. It was freezing. Oh well. Niall had put on one of Zayn's swimsuits. Zayn always had like 5 swim shorts here. 


Niall's POV

I finnally got the courage to talk to Leigh Anne. "Leigh Anne?" I ask. "Yeah?" She replies. "Do you like me?" I ask. "Pffft, No!" She said. I could tell she was lying. "Your lying." I say. "Fine. I like you." She says and looks down. "I like you too!" I say. A smile spreads across her face. She hugs me. I smile. I was so happy. I had liked her since we first met.


"This is my girlfriend Perrie, and the rest of Little Mix." Zayn says. My eyes lock on the girl with black hair and dark brown eyes and dark skin like Zayn's. She smiles at me and reaches out her hand and says, "Hi! I'm Leigh Anne.". "I'm Niall." I say shaking her hand. I met the rest of the girls. But none of them I felt the same way I felt about Leigh Anne.

*Flashback Over*

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