One Thing

"I think I love him." I say. "Then go for him." Jesy says.


3. Movies

Leigh Anne's POV

Were watching Pitch Perfect now. It is so funny. Out of no where Niall started tickling me. "Jesy help me!" I scream. She starts attacking Niall, it was not working. Jesy was still attacking him. I was laughing uncontrollably. Jesy started tickling Niall and he fell onto the ground. I laugh. We both start tickling him. "Stop, Stop!" He shouts. "Nope." Was my simple response. We finally stopped. "We won." Jesy says. "This time." Niall reply's. "I'm going to go make some popcorn!" I say. "I'm coming too!" Jesy says. We both walk into the kitchen. "He is soooo into you!" Jesy whisperers. "Whatever..." I say. I hear the front door open. "Were here!" I heard Jade and Perrie say. Me, Jesy, Jade, and Perrie all shared a flat. "Hey mate." I hear Zayn say to Niall. At least Niall won't be the only guy here now. I get the popcorn out of the microwave. I walk into the living room with Jesy. "You guys missed it! Me and Jesy won a tickling war agaist Niall!" I say. Perrie giggles. Jade messes with her hair. "Let's play Truth or Dare!!!" Jesy says. "Yeah!" I say. I turn on the lights and we all sit on the huge couch. "I'll go first!!" Jesy says. Oh god.... "Niall," she starts, "Truth or dare?". "Truth?" He replys. Jesus Christ.... "Do you like anyone in here?" She asks. "Yeah?" He says. "Who?" She says. "One question!" He says. "Leigh Anne, Truth or Dare?" Niall asks me. "Darrrreeeee!" I say. "I dare you to, lick Perrie's armpit!" He says. Perrie looks at him with a disgusted look. "Ew!" I say. "You gotta do it!!!!" He says. I groan and lick her armpit. "Oh my god! That's horrid!!!" I say. I gag. Everyone laughs. I stick out my tongue.  

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