The Other way around

All Skylar Duncan ever wanted was to see anyone famous doesn't matter who it is just someone famous. When she books a ticket to Miami, Florida. Because her dad has cancer if she doesn't have the money he might not be able to live. She finds out that her room has been changed and she would have to share a room with someone. And finds out she would have to share a room with Justin Bieber what will happen could she would she fall for him? Or would He fall for her? Whats the risk of falling and whats the risk of gaining?


2. Uncover

 *Authors note* Each chapter i write its going to switch POVs so ya just to let you know and thanks for reading this please share and stuff like datt :)

(Justin's POV): Its been 34 min. and still that Skylar girl didnt come out of the shower which sucked till i heard. "I need the damn money!" "What the hell is going on in there?" i didn't want to look but i wanted to know why she said that. I have to find explanations! I just need to i searched around the room. BAM! Her phone, i mean i could just ask why but what if she thinks i'm weird or something we all don't know....there was a beep in her phone. I picked up the phone gently as possible i'm pretty sure the phone was new. I clicked the home button, 3 new messages from. "Dad" "Lucas" and "Ashley" I feel like a total stalker or some shit. I was about to put the phone down till i saw Skylar come out in a tank and some shorts with a towel in her hand rubbing against her hair i never knew her eyes. Those Crystal blue eyes, very beautiful. There was a moment of silence for a second.What the heck am i thinking i barely know this girl what im falling for her...? Wait i've seen this girl somewhere...So confused "What the hell are you going with my phone." She angered. "Just because your famous and all that shit doesn't mean you touch my damn phone!" she yelled. "I- i didn't mean to. I promise i heard you scream something in the shower so i wondered and your phone beeped. So i checked your phone and umm its from your dad." She grabbed the phone out of my hands. And read it. "Oh my gosh!" she gasps. "Whats wrong?" "My dad just found out that they moved the surgery date to July 8th instead of July 15th. Shit the money ugh." "How much you need?" i ask. "$950" she answered. i grabbed some money from my pocket. and counted. "200, 500, 700, 900, 50." okay here you go $950." "Thanks." she growled and threw the money in my face. "Just because i'm less than you, just because i'm not famous, i have less money than you. You could just get that money shit out of your pocket and expect me to use it? Hell Nah bitch. Who do you think i am huh? I don't need your money i could earn that shit myself." She grabbed her phone and ran out the door. into the balcony. Dumbest mistake ever. I walked into the balcony. "Umm" i said scratching my head. "I didn't mean it that way, i wanted to help you with the surgery and all." my voice was in a whisper. "Its fine, im sorry i yelled at you was a mistake im sorry." my eyes were slightly blind from the shining light. The the hell. i looked down. "Paparazzi! C'mon lets go in!" i yell as i drag her inside. 

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