The Other way around

All Skylar Duncan ever wanted was to see anyone famous doesn't matter who it is just someone famous. When she books a ticket to Miami, Florida. Because her dad has cancer if she doesn't have the money he might not be able to live. She finds out that her room has been changed and she would have to share a room with someone. And finds out she would have to share a room with Justin Bieber what will happen could she would she fall for him? Or would He fall for her? Whats the risk of falling and whats the risk of gaining?


6. The Next.


Justin's POV:

After 2 weeks shes been very happy well she tries to hide it. She locks it in a box where all her feelings go into and try not to show it to anyone. But i wish she could just open up and say. Like how come? i get the fact that shes in pain her dad's funeral was last week. She balled her eyes out. And she has no one to lean on too... I want her to lean on me. I want to be her hero the one that saves her the one that she can count on, Not some stranger and friend that supports  her but a person who cares. i want to be the shoulder that she cries on.

Today was suppose to be my last day at the hotel, but i guess the flights were screwed up so im staying here for another 3 days and possibly another week if i ask Scooter.

"Skylar hurry up i need to talk a pee!" i yell. Whats taking her so long in the bathroom shes possibly taking a shit..

"Okay i'm almost done." i heard the toilet flush as she comes out of the bathroom and flew past me as she fast-walked over to her bed. I stealthily tip toed to the bathroom making sure it didn't stink. Luckily it didnt nor it didnt look like she took a shit. The faucet is still running i stopped it. the cabinet doors was peeking out i went to shut it but i found blood. In the cabinet i saw a razor...Could Skylar have....No she wouldnt a beautiful, strong girl like her no no no no!


I run out of the bathroom to her side of the room. "SHOW ME UR WRIST." I practically scream who wouldn't when your girlfriend, Well almost girlfriend not yet because people thing we arent. Cut herself of self-harm. "What are you talking about babe? She showed me her left wrist. Then her right. Nothing. No Blood. No Marks. No nothing just her beautiful light tanned wrist was showing. I'm glad she didn't self-harm herself...!

(Skylar's POV):

He scanned my wrist and my arm both sides. Clean. Luckily i put foundation over it and also powder so it wont show. I don't want  him to know that i do self-harm. I did it once when i was 8 because of my mom she was about to leave me i thought it was my fault. 

[2 Days Later] 

"i'm leaving tomorrow, you gunna miss me babe?" I ask.
"Of course Justin Im going to miss you but i promise you im going to visit you every day." She smiled as i pecked my lips on hers. We started dating while she was at the hospital but it wasn't confirmed as a yes because i never really 'asked her out'.' until yesterday. so we had today to spend together before i leave. We played beach volleyball, then she wanted me to play basketball but i didnt want to but then we made a deal that if i played basketball with her (Which is her favorite sport) that i could cuddle with her tonight which yes i played and won the game she almost got it the score as from 24/23. It was 11:30 we were watching paranormal activity which we both loved but she got scared and dug her face in my chest.
It was cute the way she got scared. She lifted her head up as i told her it was okay. And Then i moved in my lips intertwining with hers perfectly matched. i bit her lip and licked it asking for enterance which she gladly accepted and our tongues fought like world war 2. i pushed her again the wall as she wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed her neck. It wasnt that long till she took off her shirt. she looked pretty hot. I brought her to the bed and kissed her. it wasnt that long as we fucked. we stopped and i laid beside her. Both breathing heavily. "Cant believe your leaving tomorrow." "Me either..i wish i could stay with you longer." i sighed. She was the best thing that happened to me. I loved her and she loved me to. As we both cuddled and as she fell asleep in my arms. "I love you Skylar." i whispered and fell asleep

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