The Other way around

All Skylar Duncan ever wanted was to see anyone famous doesn't matter who it is just someone famous. When she books a ticket to Miami, Florida. Because her dad has cancer if she doesn't have the money he might not be able to live. She finds out that her room has been changed and she would have to share a room with someone. And finds out she would have to share a room with Justin Bieber what will happen could she would she fall for him? Or would He fall for her? Whats the risk of falling and whats the risk of gaining?


1. The Hotel

"Have a wonderful trip baby!" my dad smiles. "Don't worry about me dad ill be home soon to help you!" i smile. My dad has cancer. The doctor says he has a possibility to live if he has his treatment soon. But we don't enough money. I get on my flight it was pretty long, i sat next to this odd person who didn't really talk much when i got on the flight. "Hi.." i tried to sound normal for some reason. "Hi" the voice sounded pretty familiar. In my life i want to see someone famous someday. I go to the hotel "Hello, umm i'm here to check in for room 23 please." i say to the person in the front desk. "Hmm let me check." "I'm sorry but your room has been moved someone occupied the room for the week. your room your staying in is room 86, and you'll be having a roommate well kind of a roommate but there would be a door and curtains between you two both." That's nice. "Why curtains?" u ask.She had a annoyed look on her face like she doesn't want to talk to me and wants me to go away and leave here alone. "Well you'll be staying in with a guy..." "WHAT?! OKAY THIS IS NOT OKAY STAYING PERSON THAT IS THE OPPOSITE GENDER OF ME?!" "I'm sorry miss but all the other rooms are occupied you'll just have to deal with it." i Just nod, i walk into the elevator with my stuff. And unlock the doors to my room.

My mouth dropped. "Holy Crap!" i say. I leave all my stuff, right next to the door and jump on the bed. i took a stroll around the hotel room. Big bathroom, bedroom, balcony, and all that! There wasn't any wonderful and fancy things like back home! There was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" i yell. No answer. The door was unlock and right before my eyes. My mouth dropped i was frozen solid if you saw me right now face to face i would look like a dumb ass. "Holy shit..." those two words slipped out of my mouth like a jet. "Umm is she my roommate?" he asked. "Yes she will be your roommate for however long your staying." he replied. "Scooter?" "Justin?" "Hi..." he waved shyly. I smile. The fact that he was my roommate and everything. Like wow. But im not much of a fan-girl well maybe i am...just a little "Okay scooter hit me up later bro." he left out the door and left. I grabbed my bags and carried then with you. It felt like some shit was in there that i cant even carry. "You need help?" he asks. "Nahh i'm fine." He didn't listen, and grabbed my bags and carried them to the other side of the curtain. "Thanks." i smile. "No problamo! Well you already know me but i don't really know your name-" "Skylar, Skylar Duncan." I smile. There was a awkward silence. I grabbed my suitcase and grabbed a tank top and some shorts and hit the shower. Before i got in. "Umm how long will you take to take a shower?" "Umm, about i don't know 20 - 30 minutes i'll take a quick one if you want me to." "No its fine take your time." I got in the shower the lukewarm water pouring down my hair and body. The only thing i could think about is that i was sharing a room with the all time famous Justin Bieber. And about my dad. Dad...The Flashback ran through my mind. 'Your father is able to live for a few more months but you still need $950 to pay for the surgery.' It hit me. Where the hell am i going to get $950? Shit. I'll just work my ass off to pay it off my dad needs to live. Needs to live...I sat down in the shower hot tears rushing down my face. I don't know how i'm going to live if my dad left me. My mom already did when she had a affair with her co-worker i slapped my mom in the face and started screaming at her she had no right to step in this house no more. i Kicked her out and then it was my dad and i. "I need the damn money!" i scream. As i stood up i washed my hair and body. I step out of the shower and change. I walk outside into the room. As i found Justin snooping through my phone. What the fuck.


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