The Other way around

All Skylar Duncan ever wanted was to see anyone famous doesn't matter who it is just someone famous. When she books a ticket to Miami, Florida. Because her dad has cancer if she doesn't have the money he might not be able to live. She finds out that her room has been changed and she would have to share a room with someone. And finds out she would have to share a room with Justin Bieber what will happen could she would she fall for him? Or would He fall for her? Whats the risk of falling and whats the risk of gaining?


4. Its True

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(Justin's POV): I listened to every word she spoke. That bastard. I sat down. "Whats the real reason why you came to Miami, Florida?" i ask. "My dad, He has cancer and also i had to get my mind off of stuff..." she mumbled. "What kind of stuff?" I question. "To be honest with you i'm not sure of myself. My oh so called "Crush" asked me out, which i don't know if i should say yes because he rejected me twice and look now hes asking me to go out with him that's just wonderful! And also my i travel a lot to different places too." she said. "Umm Skylar there's a fly on your cheek." i lied. "Holy shit where get it off me!" she screamed. I kissed her cheek. "I lied." "You sneaky little shit." a smile crept her face. We sat on the bed and I started talking about my career and everything some reason the subject changed into Selena... "So its that's why she broke up with you?" She asked. "Yah..." i nodded. I didn't really want to talk about Selena but its just that it came out, to be honest Skylar is a great Listener. You could call this checking out but she has beautiful eyes. Its icy blue with a mixer hint of green and it like sparkles! And her hair flows perfectly. I just want to tell her that shes beautiful, but i barely know her...                      

 *8 Weeks Later*  (Skylar's POV): i stand near the door, "Justin you take forever you little bitch!" i laugh. Justin takes forever in the bathroom, even though there's 2 separate beds and crap, Its still 1 room and just 1 bathroom! So if justin ever takes a crap it will terrible! "Here you go!" he gladly opens the door. "Thank you!" i finally get to go in the bathroom! I enter the bathroom did my stuff. 4 more weeks or so till i get back home, Justin has been helping me earn money by him clapping and me singing an playing the guitar he said its great for me to show off my talent and since he already has his talent he doesn't need to show it off. That little bitch. I guess now were close friends almost best friends, And Lucas? That bastard keeps on texting me which Justin would call him and tell him to fuck off. Which is pretty funny if your there. I wash up and get out, "What should i wear?" i ask myself. "This!" Justin throws a outfit at me. A spaghetti strapped dress, with a cute simple yellow and white heart patterns. and it was pretty cool because the bottom part of the dress are kind of like shorts. "Thanks, at least its not slutty." i laughed. He gave me a soft grin. As he took of his shirt. Damn his abs, So sexy...Justin always gets me cut off guard looking at his abs its pretty embarrassing, But who cares. I guess now i kinda like this guy hes sweet nice cute cool funny and hes my friend. "Skylar?" He asks."Yah?" i reply. "Do you still have feelings for Lucas?" He asks. He knows i hate Lucas. Why would he ask me that question. "No." i say. "You sure?" He asks. "Ya i'm positively sure!" i almost started to yell but i catch myself before its too late. We both get dressed, Were really comfortable around each other so if we change around each other we both don't give a crap. We head outside and play some volleyball there was some paparazzi but we don't care cause everyone knows that Me and Justin are just friends, But would we ever become more than friends?...

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