Annabell is running away. running with her dog dez. running away from her abusive boyfriend, brian. running away from her life. simply running away from everything. but when she wakes up after taking a break from running she is found by her boyfriend in the middle of nowhere. she and dez are fast and run for miles to get away from brian. they are rescued by the one and only niall horan. instantly annabell and niall fall for each other but it's a bumpy relationship full of drama.


1. Running

I've been running for days. I'm not sure exactly where I am but I hope it far away from Las Vegas. My border collie, Dez, starts to drag behind.

"Come on!" I urge. Dez just whines in return.

"Fine," I sigh. I spot a couple of leafy trees and bushes not to far off and decide it's a safe place to set camp. I roll out my yoga mat, which has been my bed that past few nights since I ran away, and give Dez her food. Using my shirt I whip the sweat off my forehead and take out a meat stick, also known as my dinner. My watch says 11:30pm and I quickly doze off. The dream of the night begins; the same dream I've been having every night since well that night! I finish packing everything for the escape when I hear Brian enter the house. From all the banging around I know hes drunk... and mad. Quickly, I shove the bag under the bed, stand up, and prepare myself. In bursts my sloppy boyfriend. 

"Wheres my dinner," he growls. 

I look down, "In the fridge, would you like me to warm it up?" 

"Why wasnt that already done?" he takes a step towards me. I flinch and look away. 

"Why dont you look at me when I'm speaking!" he yells and reaches out grabbing a lock of my long brown hair. I yelp. Dez comes running in at the sound of my pain and immediately starts barking and growling at Brian. 

"Look at me!" he demands and I do. 

Suddenly he cups my face in his hands and pulls me so close when he breathes the scent of beer fills my nose, "Babe, I'm sorry whats wrong." I hate when he does this, he'll be on a rampage and suddenly snap out of it and act like he's not his abusive, drunk self. I pull back and crinkle my nose in disgust, which obviously did not please him. He raises his hand and slaps me across the face. Even though it's a daily routine I'm still shocked from the impact and fall to the floor. Dez lunges out to bite him but he sends her flying with one swift kick.

"Your'e lucky I even let you stay in my house." Yah your'e house even though you make me pay the rent. Brian stomps out of the room and slams the door not before adding, "I'll be back." I quickly check on Dez even though she's fine and pull her into a tight embrace. Digging my face into her fur, I cant stop the tears from rolling down my bruised face. I know I know call me ms.emotional. Then i remember I dont have much time and grab the bag from under the bed. My escape way; the window. It was pretty easy because the house is a small trailer home and the window wasnt far off the ground. Dez hoped out easily and I followed but apparently I had nowhere close to the amount of time I thought I did because just then Brian barged in. 

"Where the vitamins!?" he yelled. The answer was in my bag, I had packed them but before  I could react Brian grabbed onto my leg. 

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING!" I struggled to loosen his grip but it wasnt working. I panicked  and used all my power to drive my leg backwards and into his face, connecting perfectly with his nose. He stumbled back and I finished my jump out the window. Dez and I took off but before I knew it he was outside chasing us. Brian may be strong but he sure wasnt fast, at least not nearly as fast and Dez and I. Before we had even reached the forest he had stopped behind us. 

"I'll find you!" he panted. 

"By the way... it's over!" I yelled back. I laughed at my joke, i cant remember the last time I've laughed. We continued running, not bothering to look back. 

I woke up off my mat on the ground with a jump. I was shaking, Dez woke at my commotion. My watch read 4:30am. 

" Come on Dez, we better keep going."


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