I don't want to be yours. I don't want to be anybodies. I want to be me. I want to be Boston. I want to forget about the past and live my life. I want to be noticed but unnoticed by you. Leave me alone, Liam, because this time we really will kill each other. Don't try and find me, because I don't want my memories to haunt me like they happened yesterday. Like Hollywood says, two celebrities never make it out alive. And we are the perfect example.


33. thank you!

Thank you all! I can't believe this amazing journey I've been on since I started writing 'Yesterday' and before that 'Tomorrowland'. 

I love my fans so much, especially everyone who understands and appreciates my writing. I know we live in a critical world, but that doesn't mean everyone has to be critical. 

I know my supporters and I know the ones who care less. And in the end, I'm here to entertain the ones who are loyal. 

All in all, my supporters, my fans, have requested I make a trilogy out of 'Tomorrowland' and I agreed. 

The third installment of the 'Tomorrowland' series will be released tomorrow morning (eastern US time). 

Much love, and watch my Twitter because I will be posting clues of where Boston and Liam are {for the next 30mins}! Can you figure out where they currently are? If you think you know send it to my Twitter, you might just get a follow and free shout out (if you get it right) *wink wink* 


Love you to the moon and back!




PS remember to watch my Twitter! 

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