I don't want to be yours. I don't want to be anybodies. I want to be me. I want to be Boston. I want to forget about the past and live my life. I want to be noticed but unnoticed by you. Leave me alone, Liam, because this time we really will kill each other. Don't try and find me, because I don't want my memories to haunt me like they happened yesterday. Like Hollywood says, two celebrities never make it out alive. And we are the perfect example.


30. i'm sorry but i won't give up on us

{A/N} I had this chapter planned for a long time, and it upsets me about my last 'mumble' with the mature content because this chapter will contain that. I'm using this chapter as my liberation--and I will probably lose fans--and I want everyone to enjoy it and just sit back and think about 'Tomorrowland' the plot twists, the drama, the everything as it brings you into 'Yesterday'. These characters have gone on a huge roller coaster and they haven't even finished the ride. Boston is one of my favorite characters and she reminds me a lot of myself…and I guess that's why I got so upset with the mature content issues. But this isn't about me. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the third to last chapter from 'Yesterday', because you don't want to miss it!


"I'm never going to leave you," I whispered into her ear as my lips glided against her cheek. "I'm never going to leave you." It were the only words I've been saying. I was going to recreate the reassurance in her. 

I wanted her to know I wasn't going anywhere. I wanted to be with her, both my mind and my body attached to her and all of a sudden I didn't want anything else. I was happy with this--with us and I won't give up on it. Not ever.

Our entire relationship has been nothing but ups and downs and stupid circles just to start all over again. I won't have it any longer. I don't care what she says or what she thinks we portray...we are meant for one another. Haven't we had enough issues where that proved that?

But then again, where there is goodness there are arguments. Yes we don't agree on pretty much anything, but we try and that's all that should matter.

Now it was my turn to tell her that we need one another, and that yes I am sorry. Sorry I've left her alone so many times. Sorry I let her escape into my world where she is trapped. Sorry for so many other things.

But I won't give up, not on us. No matter how many times she tells me to piss off and never see her again, I'll come back. I will go after her because that's what I want--she is who I want.

Now my fingers ran down her arm and touched her own tips. I intertwined my fingers with hers and then I stretched myself above her. She looked up at me, her eyes round and touched by the amazing light the sunset was giving.

"It's three in the morning back home," I said. "I can't become jet lagged."

She nodded, "Then stay awake. Learn the word of my body or, Mr. Payne, you might miss it."

"You, Mrs. Payne, already have me so intrigued."

"Good," she breathed as her hand connected with the fabric of my shirt. Grasping a fistful of cloth she started to pull. Slow but hard, Bo's pull.

When our lips finally connected it was like resurrection, heaven, paradise. Like magical sparks or snowflakes in summer, it was extraordinary.

I wanted to tell her how much I missed her in that second but I didn't have the power to push away and talk. There was no way I could just do that.

So I let her go. I let her be in control an I knew she was enjoying it. I felt her hands over the button of my trousers and then the sound of the downward zip of the zipper.

Her soft hand slowly making contact with my sensitive skin. Why was she being like this? This moment was supposed to be for her, not for my pleasure.

Time for me to gain some control.

I pulled her hand away from my shaft and pinned her hands above her hand and onto the soft pillow.

"This is not about me," I said to her as she slightly struggled in my lock hold on her. "Looks like you can't understand that so I guess I'm just gonna have to show you."

"What are you gonna do?" She almost whispered and then I lowered myself down, closer to her ear.

And in one single breath, I spoke into her ear, "I'm gonna make you beg."

~~end of part one of the epic finally~~

part 1/3

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