I don't want to be yours. I don't want to be anybodies. I want to be me. I want to be Boston. I want to forget about the past and live my life. I want to be noticed but unnoticed by you. Leave me alone, Liam, because this time we really will kill each other. Don't try and find me, because I don't want my memories to haunt me like they happened yesterday. Like Hollywood says, two celebrities never make it out alive. And we are the perfect example.


5. apologizing

"Why are you doing this to me?" She breathed. I just kept looking up at her, the Tiffany's box now feeling heavy. 

I trying to search for the words. I couldn't find any. 

"Liam, why? You know the hell you put me through." 

"Bo, I-I," I couldn't think of words. How could I not know what to say? 

She let her head fall back, her tears dripping off her chin and onto her tan skin. I can't have her cry, not again. I dropped the box and brought her face in my hands. 

"Just think about it," I whispered. "I don't need an answer just promise me you'll think about it."

"I have been thinking about it, Liam, before you even did this. It scares me. You scare me." 

"I will do anything, just tell me what you want." 

She looked into my eyes, her eyes glossed with tears. "I want you to apologize."

Pausing, it was a terrible feeling. "Boston, I'm so sorry. I will never put you through any of that ever again. I love you and I want to be with you forever." 

Her tears were rising again. "I want you to prove it to me."

I swallowed, I know exactly what she wants. What she wants to feel. Something I could only do. 

"Boston, I just got a call from Pat," her mother said. I could feel her presence but I didn't dare move my eyes away from Bo. "I need to head into Cape Town. The elephant there will be in labor by the morning." 

"Okay," Bo muttered. 

For some reason I could feel the smile radiating off her mother. "Have fun," she whispered before running out of the house. I heard the door close. 

I made my move. 

I placed my hands on her hips and pushed her against the wall. Her eyes never looking away from mine. Our breathing was already fast as I crashed my lips down onto hers. Her hands moving to the back of my neck, her fingers slightly tugging on my hair. 

I felt the edge her shirt and I started to pull it up. She let me as she rose her hands above her head. I let the shirt drop to the floor, running my hands down her sides feeling the satin fabric of her bra. 

She pulled on my tee shirt and I let her take it off of me. Her fingernails running down my torso, making me gasp. I reached down, my hands under her thighs picking her up. Her legs went around my waist, her arms around my neck, as I found the stairs. 

"Which one is yours?" I muttered against her lips as I reached the second landing. 

"That one," she said as she pressed her forehead against mine. I turned my head to see where she pointed and when her back hit the wooden door she reached behind herself and turned the door knob. 

We entered her room, bright from the open balcony doors. I kicked the door shut. I dropped her onto her white bed and sat up, her hair creating a halo around her face as she went to the buttons on my jeans. 

When the buttons were undone and the denim was pushed to the floor I pushed her back onto the bed. She placed her hand over me, making my erection already start to grow harder. I growled and she bit down onto my bottom lip. 

My hands cupped her still covered breasts and squeezed, receiving a gasp from her. I placed my fingers in between her panties and shorts. I started to pull down and soon the fabric was to her ankles where she pushed the shorts off with her feet. 

I broke the kiss to take my tongue and start down her neck and onto her torso. I stopped at the edge of her panties, and I looked up at her. She was looking back at me, her head raised and then hit back onto the bed. 

I kept placing kisses as I pulled down the soft satin fabric that matched her bra. I blew cold air onto her now bare center. She pulled her hands up over her head as they fisted the white duvet. 

I took my thumb and ran it over her clitoris, she pushed her head back further fully exposing every section of her neck. I quickly placed her in my mouth. Ran my tongue up and down her center, and then pressing into her. Her legs went over my shoulders her ankles pushing into my back. 

I soon felt her quiver and I knew she was close to climaxing. I pulled away and she exhaled. 

I leaned over top of her, close to her ear. "I want to feel you come around me," I whispered. I kissed the spot right below her ear as I brought my fingers to my mouth and when moistened I placed them over my cock. 

I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and placed my hands over her thighs. I slowly entered her, she moaned as I filled her. She was tighter than four years ago and and in that same amount of time her skin has gotten tanner. Her accent was slowly changing and her hair was becoming even more whiter as it got bleached by the sun. 

But she was still Boston. She is the one who broke the spell. 

Her breathing was heavy as I thrust into her, as her intruder. 

I leaned back onto her, whispering. "I'm sorry." She gained goosebumps from my words. "I'm sorry," I said again. She was moaning louder, her eyes closed, she was becoming wetter around me. "I'm sorry," I said one last time. 

She opened her eyes, looking into me. It was hard for me to keep my thrusts equal as she looked at me like she was. "Be rough with me," she muttered. 

I could sense the hunger, the lust, coming from her eyes, her lips, everywhere. I narrowed my eyes at her before I took hold of her arms and brought her up in a sitting position. I was still in her as she wrapped her legs back around me. 

She was creating the movement now as she moved up and down me. Her nails creating long lines on my back as she let her head fall back. I placed my lips against her neck, sucking hard, my teeth touching her skin. 

I turned around and sat down on the bed as she kept bouncing on top of me. I unclasped her bra clips and tore the fabric from her skin quickly. I placed her left breast in my mouth and softly bit down onto her nipple. Her nails could create blood lines and they probably were with how hard she was pressing them into me. 

It was excitement, and I put my hand in her hair and pulled. She wanted to be rough, I'll be rough. I didn't like her in control and I made my decision. I picked her back up placed her back on the bed. I left the inside of her and when she landed on the bed I spun her over. I held onto her hips as I pushed into her from behind. She arched her back, her hair moving to one side as I kept thrusting. 

I could feel her getting close, feeling her tighten around me. I placed my arms around her waist and brought her back against me. Her back hitting my chest as I kept entering her. I brought my hand around her and collided my fingers with her pulsing clit. She let her head fall back on my shoulder, her moans loud, close to screaming. 

"Liam," she breathed. "I'm so close." 

I thrust harder at her words, reaching new lengths. 

"Ugh, fuck," she whispered. "Please don't stop." 

She just made me want to go faster. I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead, but all that mattered was her. In my arms. Loving her. 

"Liam," she spoke louder. "I'm going to come." 

I kissed her shoulder and within seconds I could feel her muscles tighten around me. Spasming in her orgasm as I stopped moving for just a second. Then I started to thrust inside of her again, not roughly but smoothly. 

"I want you to fuck me like this all night," she whispered as she kept her head on my shoulder.

"I'm not going anywhere," I said to her as I thrust inside of her hard causing her to gasp. "I'm sorry." 

"I know," she whispered. "And about that box from Tiffany's."

I was about to stop moving. She brought that up. I didn't stop moving though, I didn't want to make it uncomfortable for her and wanted to keep her high on her orgasm. 

"Yes," she breathed as she looked up at me. "Yes, Liam. I'll marry you." 

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