Married to Fred Wesaly

This is for MORE muter people...ANYWAY...Fred Wesaly is stuck there is a new law that you have to marry and have at least one magic child this is tight on Fred and his Brothers are all paired Harrys Twin sister Halay has a scar also o her forhead and had to also kill Valdamort and Fred has a thing for her and now the law will help them be together (GORGE,Holly),(Hermione,Ron),(Percy,Luna),(Fred,Halay)


4. Chapter4 (Halay)

I sat on the bed as he came in fang was asleep on a pillow he put his arms around me and started kissinig me and layig me down on the bed (I neer new he was this Fasanated with me i knew he like me but i know i love him and ow we can be togheth) I thought happly to myself  "I lOve You" I wisperd  in his ear and he kissed me back happly as his hands became wondering around me and i dint mind then my night gown was comeing off me slowly  off me and i unbottond his shirt the next thing i knew we were laying there an hour after what we did and we arnt even married yet  "That was amazing" i said laying on his bare chest and humming "I Love You" he  wisperd and I felt a tingle of happyness...

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