Married to Fred Wesaly

This is for MORE muter people...ANYWAY...Fred Wesaly is stuck there is a new law that you have to marry and have at least one magic child this is tight on Fred and his Brothers are all paired Harrys Twin sister Halay has a scar also o her forhead and had to also kill Valdamort and Fred has a thing for her and now the law will help them be together (GORGE,Holly),(Hermione,Ron),(Percy,Luna),(Fred,Halay)


5. Chapter 5 (Fred)

I am sorry for me updateing so quickly but i did because i got such a great Idea from one of my fans and i want her to know thank you Louis-babe and Annabeth helped me here so I Hope you like>..... I woke with Halay laying on my cheast "Hal wake up today is Percy and Lunas Wedding and its going to go great" she woke up,and her Green eyes looked into my brown ones "you do know Breackfest is done" Ginny had walked in and i ws nude I grabed the overs and threw them on top of me and Halay "GINNY WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE" I yelled at her and she blushe a deep scarlet "Mum told me to get you two" she left with out another word,I turnd over to Halay "Im so sorry Hal" she only laughed "Its okay Freddy" she kissed my cheek and left a tingle behind 'No now get dressed" I got out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and she had a dress on "Looking good Love" i said playong with her hair and she giggled "Lets get going I dont want to be the one stoping this" she smiled and we walked down.The Wedding was nice and went by faster that hole week did till it was our turn to marry The wedding was decroated with ROSES amd DANDILIONS.I stood at the place were i was to i was not aloude to turn around but when i felt her slinder hand her baby soft skin go in to my hand.As the wizerd marrying us did the final words of the biding spell we were marred and together "YOU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE" he said and we kissed

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