Married to Fred Wesaly

This is for MORE muter people...ANYWAY...Fred Wesaly is stuck there is a new law that you have to marry and have at least one magic child this is tight on Fred and his Brothers are all paired Harrys Twin sister Halay has a scar also o her forhead and had to also kill Valdamort and Fred has a thing for her and now the law will help them be together (GORGE,Holly),(Hermione,Ron),(Percy,Luna),(Fred,Halay)


3. Chapter 3 (Fred)

I heard them walk in as i sat at the table in the kitchen drinking a glass of water when Mum walked in "oh Fred " she looked at me its like shes been crying "Yea Mum" i awnserd her befor she could say the rest "Deary could you poor me a glass" i got up and got a glass when dad walked in holding a box "Dad whats in that" i asked Harry walked in "I bought Engagment rings for all of the guys to give the girls" he said with out looking me in the eye as he thre me a red velvet box i opend it and there sat a golden band in crested on the back in silver was f and h and the dimoind was a 6 caret is was a pink heart and there was saphiers lining it all around "wow Thanks Harry i think she will love it" he smiled and meet my eyes "I know she will" he mumbled under his breath i quickly poored mum a glass of water and ent to find Halay.I walked in to our room still kinda wierd saying 'Our' and there she sat on the bed laying her head on the back boord" Hey Hal come here " she walked over to me and i got down on one knee and pulled out the box "Halay Lily Potter will you make me the happyest Jokester in the world and marry me" and she looked happy she jumped in my arms and kissed me as i slid the ring on her finger "YES FREDRICK ,YES" as Ginny came in and saw what we looked like smiled "Oh Gin what are you doing in here" i asked her but she started laughing as i let Halay down and she held my hand though like i was going to run away "dount hold so tight your crushing my hand dear" she looked at me and blushed "Oh sorry" she wisperd back to me "its ok" i said out loud and Ginny just looked at us "Yes Ginny'' she looked at me "Oh Mum said dinner is done" she said and walked out "Okay" i took hold of Halays hand and we started to the kithen when I saw the table it had Pudding and food i dint think mum could make by her self "Mum it looks great" she smiled at me and then Percy came in with Luna she looked Great her hair was down and she wore a skirt that was Yellow a light yellow and her shirt was the same Percy aslo wore light Brown "you two look amazing" my soon to bewwife said and Luna huged her and Percy "Well lets dig in" we sat down and started eating then dad came in with a snake "Dad what are you doing" as he walkd closer to Halay she was afraid of snakes always have been"Dad get it away from her" i said and slaped at the thing in his hand she hid her head in my arm and started to cry "Dad plz get it away from her shes scared" he backed away at that and her muffled crying "okay im sorry its aokay dear its fake" She looked up "Its to get over your fears" she looked at it and tuched it it went around her hand and she giggled "Thank You Aurther" she smiled "ill keep her as a pet" she similed "Her name is Fang" she said once more then walked out Fang still in her hand shes a python by the way Dinner finished and we all went to bed...

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