Married to Fred Wesaly

This is for MORE muter people...ANYWAY...Fred Wesaly is stuck there is a new law that you have to marry and have at least one magic child this is tight on Fred and his Brothers are all paired Harrys Twin sister Halay has a scar also o her forhead and had to also kill Valdamort and Fred has a thing for her and now the law will help them be together (GORGE,Holly),(Hermione,Ron),(Percy,Luna),(Fred,Halay)


2. Chapter 2 (Halay)

As the sun light came threw my eyes then I felt a hand shaking me from my sleep "Hay get up were going wedding shopping" I opend my eyes and Freds arms were around me but it was Ginny "GINNY WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE" i screamned and i grabed the covers over me even though im not nacked but i feel it Fred grumbled beside me "oh shut up Fred" i sighed and he flicked me off and i shoved him and got up "let me get dressed-" she smiled flashed her wad and i was wairing a white sunday dress.As we made are way to the kitchen i got some bread and draged out of the house by Molly and Ginny Hrmione and Holly we got in the car.We got out at a Dress store as i walked in to the store everyone following me its a muggle store i gazed threw the rakes when Luna found one "Girls come look At Lunas "I walked over to a chair and sat down.Luna came out in a long silk white dress with beads on the top and a pink rose bow with a Rose in the middle "Its Perfect Lu" i Awed over it "Thank you" she sighed "Im getting it" she smiled and walked off to the shoes she found a pair of 6 in heels that are silver and the vail trails behind her and has a tiara.Next Ginny came out in a pail pink and it is lacy her headband and her vail is a lace vail that reaches her shoulders and she has flats "you look great really " she smiled and walked off to buy it" she walked off.Then Holly picked out a lacy white dress that is a waterfall and her vail gose to her back and her heels are 3 in "I think IM getting it" she practly ran to the cheak out counter.Last is me and I love mine its a Princess Dress aka Ballgown White silk and lace beading all over and my vail went trailing behind me Molly started crying and everyone just stared at me "Im getting it then we can get the brides maids dresses" I smiled and walked away.We went in to the next store everyone got there Dresses from there and we started back home...

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