Married to Fred Wesaly

This is for MORE muter people...ANYWAY...Fred Wesaly is stuck there is a new law that you have to marry and have at least one magic child this is tight on Fred and his Brothers are all paired Harrys Twin sister Halay has a scar also o her forhead and had to also kill Valdamort and Fred has a thing for her and now the law will help them be together (GORGE,Holly),(Hermione,Ron),(Percy,Luna),(Fred,Halay)


1. Chapter 1 (Fred)

I ran threw the house as i came upon the small kitchen "Mum is it true its all over the daly profit" i saw my brothers come in all holding the paper "Yes Boys its true you have to marry and have at least one magicle baby '' her mouth stayed in a tight line as Harry and his sister came in "Hi Molly" Halay said and huged my mum "hi deary" next my dad came in with parchmint and paper "oay everyone in a relashinship wright down your names on oone peace together" he said and all but me and Halay did "oh Halay dear whould you and fred like to be together i mean you know eachother and all " she nodded and we wrought down are names next dad drew one "first wedding will be" he unfolded it "Percy and Luna" Percy and Luna??? There Together ??? They steped up  "OH Percy" she giggled and kissed his nose wich made him go totaly red "I Love You Two Luna"He put his arm around her waist "You do know Lu" she looked up at Percy "Yes Per" she smiled at him "I love you" she giggled and hide in his neck then my dad picked another and unfolded it "Next is Herry and Ginny" he got another "Ron and Hermione" then another "Gorge and Holly" then "Fred and Halay" he looked smiling as if all the problems are agon "OKay lets get off to bed you all are staying here in the time" we all smiled we have been paird together all the cuples have..I walked up to me and Halays room "So Halay " she looked at me her Green eyes and her Long Black hair was up in a bun "Yea Fredy" i looked at her "Hey Halay whats your Favret Colour" she looked at me and acted as if she was thinking "Hmmm all of them reallyand yours" i looked at her and smiled a bit "all Of them" she laughed a bit "Whats your Favret Flower Fred" i stoped and thought "I have to say Dandilions" she lookeda t me "and yours" she smiled "Roses" i nodded "so what is are theam going to be for the wedding " i looked supized at her "well i was thinking Gold and Rose Pink" i said and she tryed muffling a laugh behind her hand "okay" i looked at her with an evil grin "You have to go dress shopping tomorow with all the others " i stuk my tung out at her "Hahaha" she said mockingly "Halay can you come here and lean down i want to tell you something " I said and she walked over and bint down beside me and i took her face in to my hand and kissed her she snaked her arms around my neck and my hands brought her down on to my bed an inclosed her around the waist  but then their was a knock "god dame  she wisperd and i smirked at her and went to the door Harry was standing there and Halay was siting on the bed and reading a book"See told you fred he falls off" she looked up "Oh Hey Harry" he looked at her like she was crazy  "What" she closed the book and walked up over to the door "Yes Harry" he nodded and looked to the side "I need that book" he pointed and i gave it to him and when he left she put her arms around my neck and kissed me agen my arms wound around her waist and then the next thing i know were on the bed laughing "Ok so like..." thats all i heard as my eyes closed and we were off to sleep.

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